Battle of the Samgyupsal | Where to eat the BEST Unlimited Samgyupsal?

by - July 12, 2020

It may be quite sometime since the last time I posted here on the blog for the reason that I am very much active on Instagram and on Facebook page. But this blog is still alive -- SURPRISE, SURPRISE! But be sure to follow on those accounts to make sure you are updated. Ay wow celebrity! Haha!

But kidding aside, the love with Samgyupsal is still so intense that I decided to write a run through of the BEST UNLIMITED Samgyupsal in the Metro, based on our personal experiences. So this might be differ from yours and these are the factors I consider -- Selection and quality of meats, side dishes, ambiance and service. List below are those who offers UNLIMITED selections on their menu. Let's start!

# 1 - Premier The Samgyupsal
If you are a first time Samgyupsal eater and you will ask for recommendation, probably what instantly comes to my mind is Premier The Samgyupsal. I have blogged this multiple times already. (See here) That's how much I love this place!

From all the Samgyupsal store I have tried they have the widest variety of side dishes! 
Side dishes palang, busog kana! 

They also have nice sets of meats. From the thin sliced meat up to huge slabs of selection. 

Meat Variety: Pork, Beef, Chicken
Location: Multiple locations
Unli Pork and Chicken - 500 pesos
Unli Mix - 580 pesos
Unli Shabu Shabu - 580

# 2 - Jinjoo Korean Grill
Second to our list would be Jinjoo Korean Grill. Another favorite because of the quality of meat. Admittedly, most of the Korean BBQ shop has the same quality of meats. But definitely not Jinjoo which made it to this place. Especially their Cajun! Definitely hits the spot!

I have also posted about this place before (See here) if you want to see much detailed review. And oh, worth the mention is their cheese! Would you believe that I am not a fan of putting cheese on the Samgyupsal rolls? But Jinjoo is exception. I really love their cheese! 

However, they don't have much of sides worth noting for. Also my concern is that, I have visited this place more than 5 times already, but they have these 2 variants that always not available. I wished they remove it on their menu instead. But again, their Cajun saves the day! What I also loved about Jinjoo is their interior. Well-designed and thought of. It doesn't look like the Korean BBQ around since the interiors are beautiful!

Meat Variety: Pork, Beef, Chicken
Location: Multiple locations
Price: 499 (Lunch) | 550 (Dinner)
THIS IS ALL REFILLABLE and with TWO Hours time limit. 
**(I was hesitant at first with the time limit, but trust me that should be enough)

# 3 - Samgyupsalamat
Third on our list is Samgyupsalamat. Considering that they are almost at every city. This is our to go place whenever hubby and I had some urge Samgyupsal cravings. It's approximately 15 mins to our house. But our first visit was on their Robinsons Galleria branch (See here).

Another reason to love is they have good marinated meats and variety of side dishes.

What's not to love right?

Meat Variety: Pork, Beef
Location: Multiple locations
Unlimited 1 (5 Kinds of Pork)
Lunch -  399 Pesos 
Dinner - 449 Pesos
Unlimited 2 (10 Kinds of Pork, Beef)
Lunch  - 449 Pesos 
Dinner - 499 Pesos

# 4 - All 4 You 
Slightly differ from others, but we go here whenever we are badly craving for shrimp! As this place is a combination of Grill and Shabu Shabu, don't expect that they have the marinated meat just like others. See our first visit on the Resorts World branch (See here)

They don't have much of choices of side dishes and meat because they serve plain beef, pork and chicken slices plus shrimps. Really satisfying since you can enjoy your meats with some classic salt and pepper and pair it up with their side. 

Apart from that, they also serve Shabu Shabu and noodles to warm up your tummies. But really guys, the best on this place is their shrimps. I really love that they have huge sizes and fresh shrimps. This is super sulit to us. I think we had more than 5 times of shrimp serving on every visit we have!

Meat Variety: Pork, Beef, Chicken, Shrimp
Location: Multiple locations
Price: 599 
THIS IS ALL REFILLABLE and with TWO and Half Hours time limit. 
(Again, I thought that we were not able to enjoy due to the time limit;
but it was still surprised that we finished even before the time)

# 5 - Sibyullee
We only been to Sibyullee once, but we had a delightful experience! The place is so pretty you wouldn't thought this is a Samgyupsal place. And definitely can't forget the linen spray they will offer you after your meal to lessen the BBQ smell you got! Simple things matters! 

This is another BBQ place that serves quality meats. You can really see the difference from others. 

I wished in the future they add more choices with their sides.  

Meat Variety: Pork, Beef, Chicken
Location: Multiple locations
Price: Lunch - 530 | Dinner - 585

# 6 - Samgyeopmasarap
I am planning not to include this since I thought this is only within our area, but I was surprised when I saw multiple locations on this. Truth to be told, we find it funny when we first saw the name. But knowing us, we can't help but to try this as well. And it proved us wrong!

This is your classic samgyupsal stop. No frills no drills. I find their meat more tender than some of the ones we tried. Not fan of spicy variants, but I remember I enjoyed their spicy pork than the rest.

Their sides are not that much, but it hits the enough to satisfy. 

Meat Variety: Pork, Beef
Location: Multiple locations
Chicken BBQ - 349
Pork BBQ - 399
Beef BBQ - 499 (You also eligible to have the other meats)

# 7 - Yoshimeatsu
I can still remember when this trended on facebook and requested hubs to visit to this place. Due to that trend, patiently waited for around an hour and half. 

They have wide variety of sides down to their meats that you can order through the tablet assigned to your table! Raising hands no more when you visit this place!

The servers were prompt to our needs, but the ventilation can be improved. The place was a bit cramped too.

Enjoyed our dining experience here. They also have unique marinated meats that differs them from others. However, we observed that it was overly marinated. Some meats were salty, while some were overly sweet. I wonder if this also applies to other branch.

Meat Variety: Beef, Pork, Skewers
Location: Multiple locations
Price: 550

# 8 Romantic Baboy
From all the places we visited, this is our least favorite. Don't fret Romantic Baboy fans, again this is based on our personal experience. Visited their place at Rosario Pasig early 2020. Their menu resembles the letters of their name.

To be fair, I remember we also enjoyed their offerings. But my personal suggestion would be the grilling plate to lower it down more since the drippings tend to accumulate on the egg, cheese and kimchi container. 

Also, first ever experience that I asked hubby to eat fast since the ventilation is really poor. Mid halfway of our dinner, I found myself crying due to smoke inside the place. I wonder if this also the same with other branches. :( -- But ofcourse, need to mention that they will give you a stem of rose after eating. So guys, alam nyo na pag may date kayo, automatic rose na yan!

Meat Variety: Pork, Beef
Location: Multiple locations
Price: 499

So there you have it! Do we have the same favorites? Share me your number 1 spot! Or recommendations for our Samgyupsal maybe?! Stay safe and healthy foodie fam! 

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