Shangrila The Fort - Birthday Celebration

by - March 07, 2020

I have a soft spot when it comes to Shangrila Hotels, apart from the well known 5 star service they are offering, also because it's one of those hotels that we had a lot of firsts!
Birthday Cake, Fruit Basket and Cake Lollipops all complimentary by Shangri La the Fort

Shangri La the Fort is definitely our favorite here in Manila. Given that it's Shangri La group of companies, we are definitely expecting from this place. But to our surprise, it even exceeded our expectations!

And just to be clear, this was more than 2 years ago. Hahaha! Look how tiny Laurenne was! Still trying to be active here in the blogosphere. 

Their lobby was really spacious and check in process was smooth and easy. I love the palette of their interiors that gives it a more elegant vibe.

Given that they were relatively new, the room was spot on. I can really see the big difference from their Edsa Shangri La Branch.

On the other part of the room was the window that has an overlooking view of the Bonifacio Global area.

Guess who enjoyed the tub the most? 

Speaking of 5 star treatment, their toilet was equipped with L'Occitane products!

Banana Chips as a complimentary snack. But what I enjoyed the most is the Birthday cake, lollipop cakes and fruit basket that they gave as seen in the first photo. Their chocolate cake was worth to mention. Rich, luscious and really sinful! One of the best complimentary cakes I have tried!

The perfect spot for those that will work within the hotel. But hopefully not! Just enjoy the rest of your stay maybe? :)

And ever since I become a Mom, these simple things warm our hearts! They sent a plush toy to Laurenne! How thoughtful!

As we go through their Swimming Pool, we were able to check along their hallway this well equipped playground.

Their pool was spacious! There may be lots of visitors that time, but we didn't even feel crowded at all!

You can see Laurenne's excitement just by looking at her face!

Too excited, but Mom was persistent with the picture! Haha!

This pool is perfectly made for toddlers! If I remember it right around 2 feet deep with some sprinkler shower on the sides! 

Jacuzzi? Say no more as they have this for your relaxation!

But since we are with Laurenne, you know where we stayed the most!

With my little jaguar! 

But we also had the chance to enjoy the pool. With the help of the inflatable neck floaters, Laurenne was able to enjoy as well! -- OFCOURSE, take extra precautions and look at your little ones when using this product! 

We are planning to imitate a pose, but ended with this, still worth to keep though! 

Shangri La the Fort has their very own play area called Adventure Zone.

But since Laurenne was still tiny that time, we decided not to go to. Definitely on our next visit!

As a reference for those who want to go, here are the guidelines.

*High Street Cafe*

As I grow older, I realized that I am such a breakfast person! Buffet breakfast is something I look forward on every staycation! They have gorgeous number of stations with a huge variety of selections!

Bread and Pastries

Cured Meats

Dipping Sauces


Bacon Station! And they are grilling it guys! Not fried! Wohooo!

Ice cream in the morning because why not?

Can I hear a yes? 

Congee station and so much more!

What I also love about them is their high chair! Looking too EXTRA with this presidential - like throne!

Ahhhh. Happy Tummy indeed!

Huhuh. Time flies! Still a baby!

It was definitely a short but sweet stay. This is not a sponsored post, (How I wished diba! haha!) But we just had such an amazing time here. I'm 100%  sure that this won't be the last. So many great things to mention. Can't wait to be back!

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