Cookie Surprise Online: Happy 108th Birthday Oreo!

by - March 05, 2020

This is no brainer anymore, everyone knows that the most loved cookie not just here in the Philippines, but also in other countries is no other than -- OREO! Can you believe that? Everyone's favorite cookie will celebrate its 108th Birthday tomorrow -- March 06, 2020!

 Look who's too excited for this? 

 So my little one attended a special pre birthday celebration of all time! 

 An OREO fun-filled celebration! Funny when Laurenne saw the Oreo minis on the tub "Mom oh, just like my snack!" Certified Oreo lover here!

 Contrary to other people, but I liked the cookies than the filling! The bitter sweet taste of their cookies is truly addicting! While Laurenne loves the cream the most, it's a win win!

 Can't get over with the Oreo Cheesecake that they served that day!

On this celebration, OREO wishes for Families to Stay Playful. In this digital age that we have, most of the kids spent their time on electric device. And as Oreo celebrates its Birthday, Oreo wants us to help strenghten connection and bring families together through playful moments with the launch of its new Stay Playful Campain!

As shared by Criselle Villafuerte, Biscuits Marketing Manager for Mondelez Philippines, -"Nowadays, being physically together does not mean people are connecting. Parents face challenges in balancing their busy schedules and spending time with their children. In a world where we are always on our devices and disconnected from each other, OREO aims to spark playful connections among families in a unique, imaginative and memorable way!"

Using your imagination, we can create and enjoy our bonding time with the kids around us. Like this one! My little madam enjoyed creating her own Oreo cupcake! *Yep, she's now on awkward smile phase now!

Lakas maka politician pose! Hahaha

Twinning on Oreo's Birthday! 

And look at that giant cake at the back!

Featuring her Double Stuffed cheeks! Haha!

 Laurenne caught in the act while doing Oreo's Twist, Lick and Dunk! (Milk courtesy of me! *wink*!)


And as a birthday gift, Oreo will have a Cookie Surprise Online! This is another way OREO shares playful cookie moments with consumers. So watch out for this exciting surprise from OREO from March 06-08, 2020! I still don't have an idea with Oreo's surprise so I'll be definitely checking Oreo's surprise with you as well! So excited! 

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