Healthy yet Delicious? The Fisher Farms Way!

by - February 10, 2020

As we get older, healthier dishes should be served in our household. For parents like us, we are in a thin line of wanting to serve dishes that Laurenne will love and of course, equally healthy at the same time!

 Being on the go parents, it was a heaven sent when Fisher Farms introduced me with their products. Serving healthy yet delicious food to Laurenne will be no sweat!

Her personal favorite? The Shrimp Poppers! I have to be honest, I wasn't able to try these. The toddlers and the teens at home, inhaled this in one sitting!

These Fish Sausages are my go to baon in the office! Really amazes me how they incorporated different flavors on this. Again, these are fish sausages! Moms and Dads, I know what you are thinking! Would it be so great to sneak healthy baon to your kids at home? They won't even tell the difference!

And speaking of flavor infused dishes, Fisher Farm's fish fillet comes in different variations! Pepper Steak, Mexican Glaze, Summer Onion and Garlic and Herbs!

No need for explanation for this one! Huge, plump and peeled  Kurin shrimps ready to toss on almost every dish you can think of! 

Whereas this Shrimp Cocktail will definitely upscale your gathering in no minute! Just thaw this straight from your freezer and pair it with their Mango Sriracha Sauce or their Pesto Sauce!

So how did I personally enjoyed their products? 
Featuring Fisher Farms Smoked Belly Bangus! MY FAVORITE! Perfect with Garlic Rice, Salted Egg and Tomatoes! Enjoyed this using my bare hands! 

Aside from frying their sausage, I decided to upscale it a little by making my own Charcuterie board. 

How about Szechuan Shrimp and Crabs? 

Pomelo and Arugula Salad with Fisher Farm's Kurin Shrimps!

Crowd favorite on our festivities! Bacon wrapped fish Sausage and Bacon Wrapped Shrimp!

Or this irresistible garlic and butter shrimp with sausages!

There are ENDLESS possibilities with Fisher Farms products! Healthy dishes that don't sacrifice its quality! From all these, what's your favorite? Share me your thoughts! Fisher Farms is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide! 

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