All 4 U : Unlimited Grill & Shabu Shabu

by - February 24, 2020

To start off with my gazillions of backlog, let me start again with this. Believed me, I have tons of Samgyupsal/Korean Restaurants that Aldrin & I visited and slowly but surely we'll enumerate all of it! With that Samgyupsal sprouting from left to right, I can personally say that there is only a thin line of differences that these restaurants has. Most of the time, they will only differ with their side dishes. 
 Not to brag at all but I think I have this mastery when it comes to Samgyupsal. Who's with me?! Haha! I'm sure I am not alone with this though. Looking for a change from the usual marinated meat, we tried All 4 U - Unlimited Grill & Shabu Shabu. There is branch one tumbling away from my office, but our first experience is at their Resorts World branch. Both of the said branch has very courteous and polite staffs.  

Weren't really that 'hooked' when we saw the place in all honestly, Since we find the name a bit odd and unusual to us. But since we wanted a change,  we just found ourselves sitting inside the restaurant.

Their branch in Resorts World has pretty much the same size that they have in McKinley Hill. Only this particular branch seemed to be more bright and well ventilated.  

In comparison with others, they really don't have much of choices with the sides. They will be serving kimchi, anchovies, fish cakes and some sweetened fruits on top of their lettuce and noodles for your shabu shabu.

 They have 4 kinds of meat. Chicken, Beef, Pork and Shrimp! They may be short on sides, but they have shrimps that others  don't have! We are not much of a fan of shabu shabu that's why we decided the remove the soup latter on our meal to maximize the grilling plate.

Aldrin is such a fan of shrimps! And shrimp lovers like him will surely rejoice with the huge and plump catch that they have. Would you believe that we have 10 serving of these?! No judging, please! Hahaha

With the time limit of 2 and half hours and fairly priced at 599 pesos per head, I still think it's worth the price. We really enjoyed the fresh shrimps that they have -- not to mention their other meat as well. Have you tried this place already? Share me your thoughts! :)

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