Tetadventurer at 2020!

by - January 03, 2020

I know that I haven’t been able to post for a while on the website. It’s been a crazy schedule for me and really don’t have time to squeeze some time here. I am mostly active on my Instagram and Facebook page especially when hosting a giveaway. But you see, ever since I was deployed on my new project, writing an article seems to be impossible already. Opening the laptop, editing photos, putting watermarks and so on. Of course, at home I see to it that 101% of my attention will be with Laurenne. (I’m pretty sure Moms and Dads out there can relate) 

That’s why part of my resolution is to be socially active again here on the website. I even downloaded an app where I can conveniently write articles whenever I am stuck in traffic — dun ko talaga naisip makakasulat! Haha! Also, I realized that this 2020 I will start opening pages on my Mommy Diaries. You may noticed that majority of my posts are food related (where I initially started naman) But since I am now a Mom and something I loved to talk about, I think sharing bits of pieces of us will start sprouting on the feed. But of course, the usuals will still be there. Food, travel, reviews and giveaways *wink* will still be there! As we start opening this journey with you, I am praying and hoping that you will support and share some love to us as we unlock a new chapter on this page. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this year! From our little
family to yours, Have a Blessed and Prosperous 2020 ahead! 

How about you guys? Share some New Year’s resolution below! 

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