Steaks and More at Bueno Tapas & Wine Restaurant

by - January 12, 2020

Trying out new restaurant is something that we are looking for every now and then. But of course you somewhat have this doubt whenever you are trying different places for a couple of reasons. One of which is that the costs. For us, it's okay to splurge for as long as you get your money's worth right? 
But what more when you are for a treat! Who can say no to that anyways? It was my sister and her partner who treated us at Bueno Tapas & Wine Restaurant. I haven't heard of this place honestly, so when I checked its rating online, I was amazed with the nearly perfect score they've got!

Bueno is located in Rockwell the Grove in C5. If you are familiar with Tiendesitas, it's almost across that establishment. They specialize with Spanish flare dishes that

The place was a bit small and can get crowded easily. But really, it's worth the wait.

We were initially served with their complimentary freshly baked baguette bread with some oil based dip with tomato and infused with some Spanish sardine flavor. This one is so good! We will go back to this place even for their bread alone. IT.IS.THAT.GOOD! The best complimentary bread I have tasted.

Croquetas De Calamares (320 pesos)

The well known calamares turned into croquettes. Surprisingly good!

Croquetas de Queso Y Pimiento (285 pesos)- Cheese and Pimiento turned into croquette. It's also good, but I prefer the previous one the better. Since it has more bold and sophisticated flavor.

Estofado De Res (590 pesos) - Spanish beef braised for 8 hours to ensure full tenderness and melts in your mouth satisfaction. Lots of us enjoyed this especially the teens that loves sauces! When it comes to flavor, I can closely compare this to our caldereta. Don't forget to order rice with it!

Truffled Mushroom Linguini (390 pesos) - No bluff or whatsoever but this is the best carbonara I have tasted! As of this writing, this is my benchmark when it comes to best tasting carbonara! (or any pasta in the metro) This is by far my favorite! This has the perfect balance of flavor in all flavor department! Not to mention the truffle oil that elavated this dish in so many ways! Ahhh. I'm salivating just by writing this!

Chicharron (580 pesos) - Two way finished crispy pork belly in demi-glace - Also another crowd favorite! Who can even resists this gorgeous belly? Did not expect too much for this dish since I thought it will be tough, but I was wrong. Fork tender pork belly that is crispy and crunchy on the outside, but soft and tender inside. The mashed potato served with it is worth to mention too!

Chuleton (1900 pesos) - Grilled rib eye steak served with baby potatoes, garlic and sauce. No need for fancy description for this because the picture speaks for itself! 

Melts in your mouth rib eye steak that can go on its own even without sauce. I loved eating this with their grilled garlic! We even had another serving for this! 

It may be a bit on a pricier side. You may opt to save your visit whenever there is a special occasion. How about this Valentine's Day? One thing is for sure -- I can guarantee you a truly remarkable experience dining here! Have you heard about this place? Share me your thoughts!

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