Laurenne’s First Nail Session at KathNails by KBC

by - January 05, 2020

True to what is everyone saying, time flies when you are enjoying yourself. Toddler phase is such an enjoyable moment for us. Laurenne is such a sweet little girl. Very talkative and has lots of curious question to us. 

She’s now on this phase where she thinks she’s still a baby but yet kikay signs are showing already? Showing some interests on lipstick, make up and nailpolish! 

(Photo from Robinsons Galleria)
But the turning point is when her cousin Olivia had nail polish and expectedly she bugged us all day long to have a ‘polish polish’ of her own. Persisted enough, we decided to bring her somewhere so we can have our session of Mani-Pedi. 

(Photo from KathNails)

checked for a salon that offers kid friendly services and lead me to KathNails by KBC. Owner by actress Kathryn Bernardo, that offers salon and nail spa services providing professional services.

(Photo from KathNails)

I immediately checked their services and was amazed with the various services and packages they have. From adult, teens, down to kid treats. 

(Photo from Robinsons Galleria)

I opted for their Organic Nail Polish for Laurenne and asked her to choose the color that she likes, ofcourse PINK won! 

(Photo from Robinsons Galleria)

The nearest branch to us is the one in Robinsons Galleria. The place was small compared to their other branches I saw online. They can cater 6 pax in one sitting. The staff was courteous and nice. Knowing Laurenne, she don’t talk with other people that she doesn’t know, but surprisingly they were able to mingle and have a chit chat all throughout the session. 

I just have to commend the staff that works with the kids. It takes a lot of patience dealing with them. Knowing how kulit the kids will be, they tend to ruin the polish even before it gets dry. As for Laurenne they repainted some of her nails around 4 times and yet, you will see that they happily fixed it with no complain or frowning face you’ll see. (Yup, I am observing them)

Here Laurenne giving me a thumbs up sign! Hahaha! It was such a pleasant experience for our Mommy and Daughter Mani-Pedi Session. Laurenne enjoyed so much that she wants to go back again the next day. Surely will not be our last visit. Definitely enjoying these first time moments with Laurenne. How about you Mommies? How do you deal with this kikay phase with your daughter? Recommendation will be helpful too! 

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