New Favorite Place @ Nono's!

by - November 13, 2019

I have this default 'To-Go' to place when someone asks me for a recommendation. I currently have 2 on my list that will automatically pop on my mind, but it grew with additional one when I tried Nono's.

 I've been hearing this place, especially their famous Oblivion cake. That's why we ensure to include it on Laurenne's monthsary cake. (See here). We were totally amazed how much of a comforting dishes this place has to offer.

 Funny that we kinda get lost locating their Glorietta branch. We roam around inside the mall only to find out that it was located outside of the mall itself.

 Their restaurant is something that you would love to visit every now and then. The interiors were sleek, elegant and perfect place to catch up with your friends! --Or even have your much awaited 'me time' if I must add.

 They have this beautiful pastel colored interiors that complimented well with each other. Really well thought of! -- You may also notice this on their plates plus their marbled tables and tile floorings! I'm so inlove at this place!

 Freshly baked goodies available

 Cakes on display right beside the cashier to entice you. hehe!

Having the OC in me on every restaurant that we are visiting, I see to it that I already made prior research and have our orders ready which was most of the time, their best sellers.

Fried Truffle Cheese Wontons (165 pesos) - Got pretty excited with this. Wonton wrapper with cheese inside drizzled off with honey and some walnuts. I honestly expected that the cheese inside will be melted and gooey but it was a block of cheddar cheese inside. Nevertheless, it was so addicting! Saltiness from the cheese and sweetness from the honey plus the truffle oil at the bottom really made a symphony in my mouth. 

 Chicken Lettuce Wrap (295 pesos) - Made up of diced chicken, tofu, chestnuts and shiitake mushrooms served with oriental sauce on the side, this is such a hearty and filling dish!'

 You won't even feel the guilt when you order this! Just eat it like the usual samgyupsal that we know of, then you are good to go!

Butter and Parmesan Pasta (175 pesos) - I love the fact that they also have this Kid's menu. Laurenne really loves pasta and cheese all at the same time that's why we specifically order this for her. Apart from this, rice meals and sandwiches are also available on their Kid's Menu section.

 Pesto Cream with Grilled Chicken (435 pesos) - I knew that we were ordering a bit much at this phase, but I.JUST.CANT.HELP.IT when I saw it online. I really enjoyed their homemade pesto served with grilled chicken. Perfectly creamy yet has this distinct pesto flavor. I can say that it's one of my favorites pesto-place now!

 Nono's Homestyle Fried Chicken (345 pesos) - Complete meal on its own and famous to be one of their best sellers. Boneless country style fried chicken, served with gravy, honey, fries (or rice), corn and diner roll. Such a heavy meal and good for sharing!

 Pork Belly Balsamic Adobo (455 pesos) - Slab of tender pork belly marinated with balsamic vinegar. So don't expect the usual adobo flavor we all know. Since they used balsamic vinegar on this dish, the flavor is much stronger. 
 Cookie Skillet a la Mode (195 pesos) - Served on their sizzling skillet, expect it to be hot so extra careful. Gooey cookie, topped with vanilla ice cream, drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce.

 I loved that the bottom part was crisp and surely enjoyable with the combination of warm cookie and cold ice cream in one bite. It's too sweet to eat it alone, so better to share it with someone.

 Look how giddy and excited this little girl was! Perfect meal ender!

Even though we over ordered here, NO REGRETS! We really had a wonderful stay. This will surely be one of the numerous times we are gonna visit this place. How about you? Have you tried this place already? Feel free to share me your thoughts! :)

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