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by - October 09, 2019

I realized that I haven't made any Mommy post in a while. So here it is, getting sentimental that Laurenne will be turning 3 this month, let me share you the most anticipated day every month before Laurenne turned 1 -- Because of the CAKES! It's just for fun at first, but I realized that it's actually nice if I will do the monthly pictorial every month to see the changes that's happening to my little one. Also promised to myself that I will be having different cakes every month and maintaining her exact same background with socks.
 1st Monthsary Cake - New York Cheesecake by Caramia 
Caramia is well known for their gellato based cake, But I wasn't aware that time that they also have regular cakes. No particular reason why I choose this cake. I was just amazed how flawless the cheesecake looks! True enough, their version of cheesecake was so smooth, perfectly sweet and light all at the same time!

 2nd Monthsary Cake - Triple Chocolate Mousse by Lucca's
From this month forward, I become more eager searching for one of a kind cake. I've heard Lucca's chocolate mousse was good. Basically three layers of chocolate (white, milk and dark chocolate) in between thin cake layers. Honestly expected a lot from this, but it was too dense upon my liking

 3rd Monthsary Cake - Banoffee Pie by Banapple
Though I am aiming for something different for Laurenne's monthsary cake, it just so happened that it was a busy day that time in the office and no other choice but to go to the nearest cake shop just right down our office. Settled for their best seller and well known Banoffee Pie. Luscious thick caramel in between slices of banana. Classic goodie!

 4th Monthsary Cake - Dark Mocha Sansrival by Purple Oven
No brainer here. You know how much I love Purple Oven! So it's biased. Hahaha! Well, technically NO. Since Purple Oven can boast almost every cake that they have! My loyalty still belongs to their Rustic Chocolate Torte, but this Dark Chocolate Sansrival is surely one of their must tries as well!
5th Monthsary Cake - Double Choco Velvet by Dolcelatte
I visited their cafe a long time ago during the active days of my blogging career with some friends and had a pretty nice stay. So when we found out that they opened a branch in SM Megamall, I knew I must include that on my cake entry. I meant Laurenne's entry. HAHAH! Really surprised how affordable the cake was. It was so huge and topped with almond slivers and macarons! Presentation wise, it was so pretty! But on the taste department section, too underwhelming :(

 6th Monthsary Cake - Chocolate Truffle by Cafe Mary Grace
Who wouldn't love Cafe Mary Grace's cake? This may be on the pricier side, but you can taste on every bite how rich, creamy and with great quality ingredients they used on this chocolate truffle cake. Don't mind the lettering, I just did that myself. So don't blame Mary Grace here. HAHAH!!!

 7th Monthsary Cake - Dolly's Sin by Claudette
I can't remember the exact reason why I choose this cake. But I think it was trending with my friends online that time. Aldrin went to their quaint shop in Makati just to buy this. The chocolate was smooth and not cloying at all. 

 8th Monthsary Cake - Cheesecake and Berries by Edsa Shangrila 
**I just invented the name! Haha!
Leveled up on this month and decided to buy Laurenne's cake at Edsa Shangrila. We had staycation that time at the hotel because of Father's Day celebration. The cake was equally good as it looks like. Super light! Partida pa, my Mom accidentally dropped the cake upside down ha! Hahaha!

 9th Monthsary Cake - Oblivion Cake by Nono's
One of my favorites on these selections. Luscious chocolate mousse, sweetened brittle nuts on the side and finally dusted off with chocolate powder on top! Will order this again if given a chance!

 10th Monthsary Cake - Mrs Parks
Stuck again on that busy day. Settled for the nearest Korean Bakeshop in the office. To be fair, their cream puffs were my favorite! It was good. As for this cake, it was the usual Korean cake that we know of. Airy and not too sweet.

11th Monthsary Cake - Chocolate Cake by Mom and Tina's
Can't find any interesting cakes within the area for us to try. So Mom and Tina's saves the day! They have this sweet and sticky icing version on their cakes, so if you are a fan of those, then you will enjoy this. But when it comes to their shop, Caramel Profiterolle still wins my heart!

12th Monthsary Cake - Caramel Cake by Estrels 
Often  called as the artista cake (since you usually see celebrities having this cake on their birthdays! Haha!) Estrels only offers pick up in their shop to ensure the quality of their pretty cakes. It may be cloying with others, but since I am such a fan of butter cream, every dollop of this pretty flower icing is truly a happiness for me! Requested for extra flowers on this cake for additional cost.

Coachella Inpired Birthday Cake by Honey Glaze Cakes 
And of course, the birthday celebration itself! Honey Glaze Cakes! They were the ones who made our Wedding cake as well. More than just a pretty looking cake, but Honey Glazed Cakes ensures great and superior tasting quality cake.

Pardon me for being too sentimental right now as Laurenne will be turning 3 years old as of this writing. They said that #TerribleTwo is a phase for too much stress. I don't know about other Mom's and Dad's out there, but for us first time parents like me and Aldrin, so far it was the best stage that we really enjoyed. 

Laurenne's Second Birthday Photoshoot

It was exhausting, but really fulfilling and rewarding all at the same time! It's really true that after a stressful day in the office, seeing your little one running towards you just makes everything fall on its places! Cheers to all super mom and super dads out there! Here's my entry to reminisce my little one's early months as she turns three! Can't wait to show you the Official Third Birthday Photos! :)

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