Filipino Favorites at Buddy's!

by - October 22, 2019

Have you ever had this time where you thought the place was just okay, then you are completely blown away upon trying the place? That's the exact feeling when I finally tried Buddy's!
I've been seeing the place even way before, but I just don't have the interest until my team told me that their food was pretty good.

 Buddy's was impossible to miss with their huge higantes waiting for you on their entrance
Their branch in Venice Grand Canal Mall was huge and can accommodate large number of groups.

I was really blown away on how extensive their menu was! I had a hard time choosing. Almost everything that I thought off was there!

Lumpiang Sariwa - Tried their different variants on consecutive visits. The lumpiang gulay and ubod were equally good. But if I have to choose, I will have the ubod one. I really love the texture and crunch of the ubod!

 Pork BBQ Rice Meal (200 pesos - 2 sticks) - You have the freedom to choose if you prefer the big or large variant of the BBQ. Flavorwise, this is the place where I will come back for more. BUT -- I find the meat too tough somehow.:(
Chicken BBQ (195 pesos) - My friend ordered this and she seemed to enjoy this. I think they somewhat have the same marinade with the BBQ. And noticed how big their chicken parts were!

 Chicken and Shanghai Combo (170 pesos)- I have told you right, they pretty have all of the combination that you can think off! This is is surely a hite with kids!
Spaghetti (90 pesos - small)- They may be known for their pansit but they also have spaghetti on their menu!
Sizzling Korean Beef Steak (210 pesos) - I was surprised with the serving size they have. I am a saucy person and this one was a hit for me!
Daing na Bangus 
Sizzling Pork with Egg (140 pesos) - Sulit meal if you are on tipid days. Portioned size sisig with egg served on a sizzling plate!
Pansit Lucban (645 - Small Bilao) - Now this one surprised me! The bilao size was loaded with vegetables and meat toppings! We are 8 on a group but we weren't able to consumed this one. I loved the peppery flavor that they've got. I've heard that the way you should eat it is by putting some homemade vinegar. I am honestly hesistant to try since I want to taste the actual flavor of their pansit, but surely on the next visit!
Lo and Behold! Say Hi to my new baby girls and boys! :)

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