Crispy Bacon and More at Happy Days Filipino Diner

by - October 30, 2019

One of the struggles that every employee definitely had at some point of their lives was to answer the question: San tayo kakain? That led us to this place when looking for a 'new' place to dine during our break time.
 Happy Days captured our attention with its bright and cozy interiors.

 The place is quite small and can accommodate more or less than 30 pax. But lucky for us to visit after lunch time and had the place by ourselves. 

The price was affordable and offers the classic Filipino favorites. The Bangus on their menu got me here!

Crispy Bacon and Egg (165 pesos) - Need a break with the usual fried bacon? Why not try their breaded bacon for that extra crunch! Served with some egg and salsa, this is a sulit meal at all!

 Sizzling Fried Chicken (175 pesos) - Good serving size of their  chicken served on their sizzling plate, perfect to smother with their homemade BBQ sauce. 

Dagupan Smoked Bangus (180 pesos) - As I've mentioned earlier, this was the reason that convinced me to dine here. I was badly disappointed to be honest with its serving size. Because I had this thinking that this was a whole fish bangus (2 sides). Their photo on the menu is actually misleading. Facing the fish side down to appear it as a whole? I don't mind paying for higher rate for as long it will be served as a whole. Bitin ako guys! HAHAH! But honest to goodness, the flavor was good, especially with their homemade salsa!

Overall, it was still a pleasant experience for us. Definitely coming back if we are in the area. But perhaps to order a side dish with my bangus? What do you think? Have you tried this place already? Share me your thoughts! :)

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