Charming Experience at Cafe Dela Paz, Angono Rizal

by - October 03, 2019

Probably one of the prettiest cafes in Angono or nearby areas. Haven't had a hard time convincing myself to visit the place when my friends posting some photos if this pretty place!
 Snacks, Pastas, Rice Meals, Milk Teas and more!

 The place was located near Angono Plaza. If you are familiar with SCMI, it was across to that clinic. The name seems familiar to me for some reason. Only to find out that they had been in business for quite some time already at Dela Paz street in Angono. That explains their name Cafe Dela Paz. They are fairly new to the location for about 4 months already.

 The store opens at 2 pm in the afternoon until 11 pm and they are close every Monday. The place was a bit small but really dainty and charming. It seems it directly came out from pinterest photo! 

 Really instagram friendly! 

 I'm really a sucker for cafes with some touches of plant decorations!

 I asked the crew how many can accommodate the cafe. I was shocked when they told me roughly 50 diners.

Then they showed me the back side of the cafe. They usually lead the diners here when the front side can't accommodate the capacity of their customers

 So much detail for this place!

French Fries (Cheese Flavor) - I forgot the exact price for this, but less than a hundred. It was just okay for me. Nothing extraordinary. I find the price a bit expensive with the serving size. But nevertheless, Laurenne enjoyed this. As usual! Hehe!

 Nachos (90 pesos) - I enjoyed this! Nacho chips, cheese sauce, meat, grated cheese and marinara sauce!

 Adobo sa Langit (130 pesos) - One of my favorites! This caught my attention when stalking the place online. It was sort of Tapsilog with pickled mango on the side plus some fancy cotton candy on top! The rice meal alone was good! 

 The garlic rice was super garlicky, which I truly enjoyed, the meat was flavorful and tender! I think you were supposed to mix or let the cotton candy settle down on the dish then incorporate it all together. But given that we had Laurenne with us, it was understood what happened to the cotton candy! HAHAH! Really love this one! And given the price? It was sulit!

 Up close

 Caramelized Patis Wings (225 half kilo) - Remembered Manam with this because of its name. They have 3 (or 4?) flavors to choose from. It was good. Dadai and I both enjoyed this! Even it was sitting for quite some time on our table, it was still crisp and enjoyable. I only wished we can have a mix of flavor even with just half serving since they only allow it for whole serving size. But still, this is one of our favorites!

 Aglio Olio (115 pesos) - Simple yet comforting. You can really never go wrong with Aglio Olio. Served with some flat bread and chili flakes on the side. 

 Grilled Cheese (70 pesos) - The little one made lambing and asks us to order a cheese bread, but decided not to eat it anyway (you know, toddlers. Hahah!) This can be improved IMO. But still decent given its price.

Dark Choco Oreo Rock Salt and Cheese (115 pesos) - Also caught my attention when I saw their post online and saying they generously put cream cheese on their drinks. I'm a fan of cream cheese on my milk tea (I usually order 2 creams on top at Coco/Gong Cha! Haha!). The Dark Choco flavor was really good! It was not like the usual chocolate flavor you can try somewhere. They have this deep chocolate flavor that I really enjoyed. However, quite disappointed with their Cream Cheese though. :( Yes, they generously put cream on their drink, but it ended like a big blob of ball in my drink and solidifies the cream.

 Okinawa Graham Cream Cheese - Forgot the exact price, but it costs more or less than a hundred. Dadai usually goes for 100% sugar when trying milk tea for the first time to have the actual taste of it. It was one of the best sellers and he told me he liked it!

Overall, are we going to come back? Definitely! We had a pleasant stay on our visit. Great interiors, good food, drinks with a fair price, not to mention their attentive and polite servers, surely will be one of our to-go places now! Can't wait to try their other dishes on our next visit!

Rizal friends! Have you visited this place? Share me your thoughts!

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