Celebratory Dinner at Pau Patri Boracay

by - September 03, 2019

Moving on with another post for the Boracay escapades, I initially searched online the newest restaurants to visit in Boracay, And a lot of reviews online led me to Pau Patri 
Freshly cooked dishes!

We really had a hard time locating the place. As per the guide online, it was located at Station 2 beside the Municipal hall. Unfortunately, residents were not also familiar with the place. It's not along the beach front, but rather than along the roadside. It was located on the secluded part of the vicinity.

They have this unique concept of rustic and wooden interiors. You have to place your footwears before entering their restaurant.

Laurenne doesn't want to get inside since we went there before sunset and the place was a bit dark.

The place was huge and spacious. We were able to enjoy the restaurant by ourselves! And enjoyed jumping on their soft pillows.

It can accommodate large number of customers. I wonder if this place gets packed since the place was really outcasted from all the Boracay happenings!

Their kitchen is located in the middle where you can directly see them preparing the dishes for you. 

My little madam doing her ocular visit. Hehe!

They have this wood flooring and some has spaces in between, so be extra careful, especially if you have kids around.

Another unique feature of this place is that they are in the middle of this pond surrounded by trees and has the tendency of attracting the mosquitos. So better to have insect repellent with you. (They do have an electric mosquito lamp though!)

Artsy antics

I really enjoy watching open kitchen as they prepare our dishes! They have an extensive menu covering different cuisines. We based our order from the raves I've seen online.

Grilled Eggplant (350 pesos) - Honestly (I bet you will agree) but the price was pretty steep for an eggplant, so I really expected something special to this dish. It was a plain grilled eggplant with olive oil, vinegar, topped with fresh tomatoes and onions. It was refreshing and good, but again it's really not worth for the price.

Grilled Prawns (300 gms/ 750 pesos) - It was also okay. It reminded me of the home cooked meals we have at home. But I really appreciate the way they cooked the Prawns. And another plus for the serving size!

Grilled Pork (400 gms/ 720 pesos) - Since Aldrin wanted to have meat, we settled for this. It was good! You know the feeling you are at the beach, grilling meats and enjoying the sound of the beach waves? That's the exact moment you'll reminisce when we ate this. But they have moist and tender version. Dadai enjoyed this the most!

Grilled Fish (500 gms / 850 pesos) - Now this is the one I'm talking about. My favorite from all our orders. The type of fish will depend on what's available that they ensure that everything was a fresh catch. This is just a simple steamed fish dish wrapped on banana leaves with some lemon and spring onions. But really good!

Filipino favorites!

Before I close this review, I just have to commend our server during our stay. He ensures that we had a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Hands down for the exceptional service!

Final thoughts? Overall, we had a good stay. But we felt that the dishes were overly priced (In my opinion). But we have this thought of dining at a buffet restaurant within Station 1-2 would be a better choice? But given the service, interiors and in general still can pass. How about you?  

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