Unlimited Korean BBQ at Jin Joo Korean Grill Eastwood!

by - August 23, 2019

You can see on my recent posts on the blog and on Instagram that I have been invaded by Samgyupsal already. Hahaha! Aldrin and I had this agreement that every month end, which happens to be our monthsary (yes, we still celebrate our bf/gf monthsary until now!) We will try different Samgyupsal or commonly known as Korean BBQ!
And this will follow a question to you guys! Since you can see lots of restaurants offering this Korean feast, I have to ask you --Where is your favorite Samgyupsal place?

Jin Joo Korean Grill is the latest one that we've tried. And honestly, it jumped on our number 1 spot! It's been on my list since it opened. But hesitant to visit them since all along we thought, it's not unlimited! But my new colleague and friend Jera of (Kramika Vlog Trip) ensures me that Jin Joo has UNLIMITED options! Quite confusing since I saw online that they only offer ala carte options. But the manager informed us that only their branch in MOA doesn't offer the unlimited.

We dined at Jin Joo Eastwood branch and it was neat and spacious! It can accommodate for around 90 pax. What I enjoyed with the dining experience (apart from the food of course) was that we didn't felt cramped at all!

So to give a reassurance for the doubters like me, here's their Unlimited Menu!

Compared to others, you may notice that they have a 2 hour time limit. But trust me, it was enough to satisfy your Samgyup cravings! 

If you are not a fan of Unlimiteds, they also have ala carte options and set meals for groups. (Not the entire menu yet)

We initially served with 7 sides. I noticed that they didn't put every variant that they have in one sitting. Because when I asked for a refill of the salad and seaweed, they said they ran out already. To think that it was only 8:00 pm that time and they close at 12 mn. :(

A bit disappointed with that one, but they were very apologetic and they asked me if I want their macaroni or marbled potato instead.

I just have to commend the staffs in Eastwood. Everyone was attentive and super friendly. You don't need to call their attention and ask for refills because they were really alert to your needs! But special mention to the manager in charge that time Jhondel. He ensures that our stay would be worth while!  

First, they will light up your stove..

Second, line up the meat you have chosen..

Then let it do the wonders for you!

I told earlier that this one jumped on our number 1 spot. Our favorite Samgyup (will not mention their name) have these wide variety of side dishes. While at Jin Joo, they have these glorious meats that I can attest to.

You can see the difference from all the other Samgyup restaurants in the Metro. By far the best meat we had up to this writing. Melts in your mouth!

Another commendable about this place was the CHEESE! And again, best cheese we had from all the Korean BBQ's we have tried. If my taste bud was correct, it was a combination of more than 1 cheeses. 

Just look at this meat with melted cheese??

Dan Samgyup (Marinated Pork Belly)

Cajun Woosamgyup and Cajun Samgyup - One of my favorites and as recommended by Jera! It was a slab and strips of meat generously topped with spices

I am not a fan of spicy food but this one is tolerable. The right amount of spiciness with its savory and sweet flavor

...Perfect to eat on its own

Or wrap it up with lettuce and sides! Winner!

Yalb-Eun San was just so-so for us. Think of a grilled bacon strips. Still prefers the marinated meats though. Hehe!

Dak Galbi is their chicken option. I also enjoyed this!

It was tender and flavorful all at the same time! 

Overall, I must say that we will definitely come back at Jin Joo anytime again this month! Or week/s? Hahaha! Also, their Dwaeji Ggudaegi (Pork Skin) and Gochujang Samgyup are not available anymore when we visit. So a little improvement with their supply inventory. But other than that, it was still a great experience for us!

How about you? Have you tried Jin Joo already? What's your favorite Samgyupsal / Korean BBQ restaurant? Share your thoughts below! :)

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