The Famous 4 Cheese Pizza at Two Seasons Resort Boracay!

by - August 27, 2019

When we first went to Boracay, we weren't able to try the famous Two Season's Four Cheese Pizza. If you check the location on Instagram, it's impossible for you not to see this gorgeous pizza. So when we visited again, we see to it to include it on our itinerary
Since we just had our dinner at the hotel, we didn't order any rice meals, instead we had some of their pika pika. I must say, the pizza was good. It was made with a phyllo-like crust so thin crust lovers will enjoy this as much as I do! The combination of the oozing melted cheese really complimented with each other. But after some time, it wasn't as great anymore since the cheese hardened already. Really had so much high hopes for this one that it will blow me away?

Oyster Sisig - I enjoyed this even though I am a bit full. Plump oysters generously smothered with their homemade sauce.
Calamares - Nothing extra ordinary about this. But I do appreciate that the squid was soft and not chewy. 

To wrap this post up, are we going to come back? Hmmm. Probably. Or probably not? I mean, if ever that I will be coming back to Boracay, I might as well try other restaurants around. It's not something that I would look forward to. Also, their service needs improvement as well. The servers we had seems they wanted us to go home already. Haha

How about you? Have you tried the famous 4 Cheese Pizza? What's your thoughts about this? :)

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