Street Market at Station X | Boracay's First Food Hall

by - August 14, 2019

From the time we first went to Boracay we saw notable changes on the island Station -- Station 1, 2 and 3. But now, they have this called Station X that intrigued me a lot and ensure that it will be part of our itinerary.

Station X is a new place for foodies like us. It's not that far from Station 2. (Around 5 minute tricycle ride) It can be easily recognized when you asked the locals for this place. Inside Station X is the famous food hub called Street Market

Adjacent to the Street Market is another hotel. So imagine the convenience of their guests hopping from this foodie haven!

The place was beautifully thought of. Families especially barkadas will have a great time staying at this place! The rules are fairly simple. Just look for your comfy spot, then a Street Market crew will hand over you the menus from all the restaurants and order directly from them. No need to go on each stall. Also, outside food and drinks are strictly prohibited.

Lovely Interiors

Wasn't able to capture the entire place, but I think it has 8-10 stalls inside. 

Fat Rice one of our favorites!

Porchetta (350 pesos) - Ordered this from Diavolo since it's one of being talked about. And given with that price? It's so sulit

Crispy Pork belly generously served with vegetables and gravy on the side. Aside from the fact that it's too instagramable, this was really good! Really enjoyed this dish a lot!

Plate of Three (350 pesos) - We got this from Santo Peligrosa.  Opted for their braised pork, chicken and fish.

How was it? Presentation wise, it was wonderful! We also loved the fillings incorporated on each taco. However the corn tortilla wrapper was just okay for me. Each of these was made from scratch every day. But it's just not my piece of cake. I find this too grainy for my preference.

Grilled Tuna - As much as we wanted to try different dishes, our little one needs to eat something familiar to her palate and this Grilled Tuna from Fat Rice didn't disappoint! The Tuna was grilled and seasoned perfectly!

Curry Crab (590 pesos) - Got this from Fat Rice again, and it's our most favorite from all that we had. YOU MUST ORDER THIS! Definitely worth of your money! Aldrin were quite hesitant about this. Can't blame him since we are not a curry fan. But surprisingly, this dish was a game changer! It has this subtle savory-curry taste with a hint of spiciness! Sauce palang, ulam na!

Watermelon Bingsu (250  pesos) - Meal wouldn't be complete without dessert! We ordered this from Sugar Cloud and it's the perfect meal ender! Discovered this when my favorite Mommy Blogger Patty Laurel raved about this! And she's so right!

A closer look of this beautiful thing!

Delightful and refreshing at the same time! Having said that, it's a Bingsu, the smooth texture of milky iced with bits of watermelon on it, topped with watermelon balls and whipped cream on top made us order another round!

Dadai and Laurenne

To wrap up this post, I highly recommend you guys to visit Street Market at Station X. It will satisfy your island cravings with affordable price and great quality. 

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