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by - August 02, 2019

I know that I can put this together with my previous post all about Movenpick Boracay but I believed this deserves a separate one! I have mentioned that Movenpick Resorts all over the world is famous for their Chocolate Hour! I didn't even know that this such exists when we visited in Movenpick Cebu!
Look at this spread! Sweet dreams are indeed made of these!

 Look at Laurenne's excited hand! Life of a Blogger with a toddler on the side! 

 So when we stayed in Movenpick Boracay for 4 Days and 3 Nights. I see to it that we are present on those 4 straight days! (PG LANG! HAHA!) So imagine that me and Aldrin strategically planned our schedule to be there during the chocolate hour. It was a cloud 9 experience for a sweet tooth like me and Laurenne!

 Most of the guests from Movenpick were foreigners. Americans, Chinese, Korean and so on. If our observation were correct only 2 Filipino families were there (Including us)

 Surprisingly, the guests every Chocolate Hour gathered in their cafe. It's such a nice view that everyone was there to enjoy the sweet treats! It's like a magnet that bringing us all together! 

 Dadai who was a fan of white chocolate enjoyed as well. There's lots of variations to choose from! Even spicy chocolate!

 This photo may be crappy, but one of my favorites was their churros! It was soooo good I had to go back for the 4th time! Hahaha!

 My sweet tooth Laurenne didn't stop her from enjoying the luxurious chocolate even the day she caught a fever

 But my most favorite? It would be the Dark Chocolate with Macamia nuts. What I liked about their Chocolate was that-- it's not too sweet. Creamy, rich and with the right amount of sweetness. It's not cloying at all!

 We got to enjoy these for 1 whole hour UNLIMITED and FREE! Complimentary to all Movenpick's guests.

 Even their turn down treat were beautifully presented each night

 Another serving of churros for me! Look at Laurenne's chocolate-y face!

This is the smile of a family that had an awesome stay!  We were pampered and spoiled too much here! We can't find the perfect words to say how much we enjoyed our stay in this place! Especially their infamous Chocolate Hour!

(See the complete review of the place here.)

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