Movenpick Boracay Breakfast Buffet

by - August 06, 2019

To continue with our Boracay Escapade, let me share you our daily breakfast we had in Movenpick Boracay.
Don't you just love having your breakfast with this great view?

Movenpick serves their breakfast at one of their restaurant which is The Market

 The place was really spacious! We arrived there before people starts coming in. You know, early bird, catches the early worm. *wink*

 We noticed that it's one of those breakfast buffets we had that has plenty of selections

Apart from the cooked viands

Noodle Station

Rolls Station

Pasta Station
I really enjoyed this stir fried eggplant!

And bacon of course..

Pancake Station

Cereals Station

Dried Nuts and Fruits

Jams and Spreads

Array of breads

Too photogenic not to post

Laurenne enjoyed this a lot!

But I prefer the soft rolls with butter the most!

Anti pasti station

Salad Station

Drinks and Infused Water

And energy booster!

My first plate. (Don't be fooled, again it's my first plate)

Look at that happy face?

These spread, this view with these people? EVERY DAY please! :)

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