Katsu Feast at Marugame Udon and Tempura

by - August 19, 2019

Different Katsu all in one place? Yes please! Even I wanted to continue with the Boracay escapades posts, my excitement just can't contain the pleasant lunch we had at Marugame Udon and I can't wait to share with everyone the delightful meals we had!

 Look how wonderful these dishes are?

 Marugame Udon is a food chain franchised by Ben Chan group of companies. It was originated in a small place in Japan that initially started as Udon factory. 

We had a team lunch at the Uptown Place Mall branch and didn't expected the crazy lines despite the fact that the place has been there for around 3 months already

 Their Udon was freshly made by hand every day. And ensures that the same quality they have in Japan

We agreed to go after lunch time to avoid the crowd but we still queued for quite some time. So be ready to wait. But the live kitchen action was enough to keep up entertained

 The rules are fairly simple, you have to choose from their menu (As seen in the third picture)

 Then choose anything you want from their freshly fried katsu and omusubis from the rack.  Each has a corresponding price so just do the math with your desired selections


 Ebiten (Tempura) - Really enjoyed this!

 My favorite would be the Cheese Sausage!

 Tonkatsu / Karaage

 Tamago / Fish Tempura

 Sukiyaki making in sight

The selections of dips to be found beside the cashier. Sauces, dips, spring onions, garlic, wasabi and more!

 These are the Katsu that I tried. I wished I got more of the Ebiten and Cheese Sausage!

 My colleague ordered these sides plus their Katsu Curry Rice (250 pesos)

 Look how tempting this dish! I really wanted to try this, but since for the benefit of the blog, I decided to choose another. (Blogger problems. Haha!) Given its price, a huge serving of rice, katsu and beef strips smothered with curry sauce? It's so sulit!

 If you are looking for a 'healthier' and lighter dish, then this is for you. Tendon (270 pesos) Tempura, Crab sticks and tamago all in one bowl.

 Since no one from the group ordered the Udon, I will be the sacrificing lamb to do it. Hehe! Ordered this Sukiyaki Ninja (Small 210 pesos) And I must say, it was good! I ordered the smaller bowl, but it was equally satisfying! The Udon was thick, chewy and really filling! Served with Sukiyaki on the side and the sweet and savory sauce complimented well with each other!

 Given the price and huge serving size they have, it will give you the worth of your money! 
No wonder they still have long queue even up to now!

Nothing beats great peers with a comfort food all at the same time! And that's a wrap! This one if you you guys! Glenn, Dij, Paji and Rina, really enjoyed my stay on the project with you guys! See you around! :)

Have you tried Marugame Udon already? Let me know your comments! :)

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