Siam Thai BBQ and Sports Bar in Kapitolyo Pasig!

by - July 12, 2019

As of this writing, Samgyupsal is one of the popular dishes that Filipinos love to eat every now and then! Who wouldn't right? But have you heard about the Thai BBQ? We just recently visited a Thai BBQ place in Kapitolyo.

 Siam Thai BBQ and Sports Bar is located in the heart of Kapitolyo. If you are familiar with Ace Water Spa, it's almost across that building. From outside, you won't even notice the place. It looks like a huge parking from the outside but it has lots of different food stops inside.

Once you entered the restaurant, you will enter this small pathway going up stairs

We were surprised how pretty was this place!

The place was divided into two areas. Air conditioned and Non Conditioned area. Having a toddler with us, we stayed on the air conditioned area. They do have nice high chairs for toddlers too!

We ordered first their famous Mookata. It was kind of similar to the usual hot pot that we know. 

The server was kind enough to assist us assembling the Mookata. She initially placed a chunk of pork fat in the middle of the pot and serves as your oil when grilling

You'll also notice the unique metal they used. It's actually genius since the flavor of your meat will go directly to your soup and make it more flavorful

Noodles, Vegetables, Mushroom, Seafoods and meat!

Look how lovely this is! Flavor wise, it's okay. Quite resembled with chicken broth. I find it a little bland somehow. But a dash of their seasoning on the side will do wonders!

Pad Thai - Because Pad Thai is a must whenever you are in a Thai restaurant right? I liked it. If you are a fan of a sweet and nutty version of Pad Thai, then this one is for you!

Chicken Satay - One of our favorite dish during our visit. Tender chicken skewers on a various spices and aroma. Plus the dippings on the side? PANALO!

Beef Satay - To be honest, we quite expected a lot about this since it was beef. Expecting for more umami-beefy flavor. But we seemed to enjoy the chicken since it's more tender than this. Nevertheless, it's still good. 
Pomelo Salad - One of my favorites as well. They were really generous with the amount of pomelo, meat crumbles and coconut milk. I really enjoyed this!

Mango Sticky Rice- We didn't order this, but since it's Mother's Day that time, we had a complimentary of this. How sweet! As sweet as this treat! My little one enjoyed this so much!

We enjoyed our visit and the selections of their dishes. Their staffs were equally nice and prompt as well. Plus points to the location since it has a huge parking space. Are we going to come back? Definitely! Can't wait to try more of their dishes! What do you think about this Thai hot pot? :)

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  1. wow bukod sa ansarap ng mga food
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