Mom Life: 14th Anniversary Celebration at Movenpick Boracay!

by - July 22, 2019

Okay, so this will be a lengthy post (but worth of your time I promise!) Aldrin and I celebrated our 14th boyfriend and girlfriend Anniversary last June 30. It's our main event every year. Everything was planned for this 4 Days and 3 nights trip. The itinerary, places to visit, time and schedule, restaurants and even our orders! I usually plan this 3 months at a minimum. So imagine the excitement! 
 But now we have a toddler with us, EVERYTHING will be different and can change your schedule in a snap! HAHA! You have to consider lots of things when travelling with a toddler. You have to be physically and mentally prepared of the possible scenarios that might happen. Like having a fever! (HAAAAY! I really hate this, especially when we are travelling!) Laurenne had a fever when we were in Boracay! She reached her highest record of 39.6! Imagine! We think it's because she enjoyed too much in the pool PLUS the fact that the weather was uncooperative that time. Praying so hard for a great weather, but half of our stay there were raining so hard. But still, it didn't stop us from enjoying!

We stayed at Movenpick Resort Boracay located on the quiet side of Station 1.  Remember how much we loved our stay in Movenpick Cebu? (See here). It was such a blessing in disguise booking this place. I didn't even know that Movenpick has a resort in Boracay. I was inquiring at another resort in Station 1 but their response time was too slow! So I googled a Best Family Family friendly resort in Boracay and lead me to this place. I was ecstatic when I found out they have it here! The place was still new. Less than 2 years in Boracay.

 Going to the resort was easy peasy! As soon as our plane landed at Caticlan Airport, the Movenpick staff was waiting for us. They escorted us to their van going to the port. Pay the necessary environmental fee and then comfortably seated on their speedboat! You will be exclusively escorted on their resort using their private speedboat with a minimum charge. Like a boss! My little one was fascinated!

From the port going to Boracay island itself, it will just take around 5 minutes. From Boracay proper, another shuttle is waiting for you going to the resort. Around 30 minutes of travelling time. As of this writing, drainage improvement in Boracay is still on going. So prepare yourself for a bumpy ride. 

 Check in was a breeze. All you need is to present your confirmation number, security deposit of 8000 pesos that is refundable during checkout.

 Some welcome token was also given to every guest!

Some cold towels to freshen you up..

Simple joys! :)

 I also loved their welcome drinks with watermelon balls!

But what I appreciate the most of the checking time? A small table specially provided for your little ones equipped with coloring materials to keep them company while you are doing your business! I instantly loved this place upon seeing that! You know, Mommy Priorities now! *wink*

 Laurenne even enjoyed posing with her OOTDs!

 Outdoor balcony if you wished to enjoy the view under he sun!

 We had a super quick tour of the place. The place was so huge! You will see fountains from left to right. (With large Koi fishes too!)

 Crappy photo I know, but they do have a souvenir shop that you can visit.

Don't you just love the details? The green couches were actually soft! We were surprised! We thought it's a ratan!

 Movenpick has a complimentary scheduled shuttle going to Station 2 every two hours. So while waiting for our schedule, we decided to go to Little Birds Club!

Hey there Mommies (and Daddies!) Don't you just love a place that provides a play area for your kids?

 Too shy to enter

 So Dadai to the rescue to be familiar with the place with some football

 Once settled, you can see the delightment in her eyes! She saw Peppa Pig! HAHA!

 The place was huge! Don't worry. A friendly staff will be there to watch over the kids. But of course, just like every other kiddie place, a waiver needs to be filled up as you enter.

It was a quick visit (around 10 minutes because the shuttle was there already) but Laurenne enjoyed a lot!

 As of this writing, Movenpick Boracay holds the biggest swimming pool in the island! Look at this place! The place was equally pretty even with a gloomy cloud over there!

Laurenne even wanted to remove her clothes on that moment! Haha!

Thank God for a tripod for a decent family picture! 

 Moments with Mommy!

 Moments with Dadai! See how huge is that pool?

 Their pool was indeed perfect for everyone! Pool for adults, kids and toddlers separately!

 We booked for their Superior Seaview room for 11,834 pesos (per night) with Breakfast included!

 The room was romantically set up with some rose petals and towel arrangement!

And a complimentary cake too!

 It's by far our most favorite balcony that we stayed. It was spacious and the height of the fence was secured properly. Especially with a kulit toddler with us! It's not creepy at all!

 I was expecting that the resort has Chopard toiletries like the ones in Movenpick Cebu (hahaha!) But nevertheless, the coconut scented toiletries were soothing and smells good!


 Unlike the usual hotel room interiors, they have this summer-y theme in their rooms!

 Our day two when Laurenne caught a fever :(

 So that night, we decided to have their in-room dining service and sad to say, we were quite disappointed. Presentation and quality wise, it's underwhelming. We expected more of a 'Movenpick quality'. It's the only thing that I can think that this place can be improved on. I even put this on their suggestion survey.

 On the brighter side, nothing beats Movenpick's nightly turn down service! Do you know that Movenpick is popular worldwide for their Chocolate Hour? Will do a separate post for that (and also the breakfast buffet) because IT.IS.THAT.AWESOME!

So here's our ball of sunshine in her Moana hair! Thank God she quickly recovered in just a day!

 Even before, Aldrin and I prefer the quieter side whenever we are on vacation. Call us anti social but we just don't want a too crowded place.  Movenpick Boracay has their private beach that you can enjoy almost all by yourselves! This huge stretch of white beach is exclusively shared of the 3 private resorts -- Movenpick, Shangri-La Resort and Crimson

 Dadai and Laurenne moments!

 It was Laurenne's second time going on a beach and happy to say that she enjoyed this experience playing and building with sand castle!

 Look how madam is our baby? 

To wrap up this post, a realization comes to us. That having a kid on a vacation will be a life changer! These experiences allow us to grow as parents to Laurenne. There will surely be hits and misses, but all you have to do is enjoy the ride and go with the flow! If you will ask us if we are going to come back? Definitely! The friendly and great service, exceptional 5 star facilities and simply enjoying these memories with your love ones will be for keeps! 

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