Hype or Not? Tiger Sugar Milk Tea!

by - July 03, 2019

It’s not new to my ears when Tiger Sugar hits Philippines by a storm! I remembered that Milk Tea business quite lay low for a bit. But when Tiger Sugar launched to public-- Suddenly milk tea business was sprouting like mushrooms everywhere! 
 I have seen the raves EVERYWHERE! But maybe at this point in time having a toddler with me most of the time, queuing for more than an hour is not my piece of cake anymore. Hehe!

 So going back, when we are on an event somewhere in SM North Edsa and surprisingly no queue was there! That’s when we had a chance to try it for ourself.

 It may be a late review already, but I believed it’s worth a review. 

For some reason, I loved that they have few menu selections. I remember this particular Milk Tea shop that has 5 menu boards! Just by looking at it gives me anxiety! Hahaha!

I ordered their Brown Sugar Bobba + Pearl with Cream Mousse (120 pesos). My verdict? It’s safe to say that it’s one of my favorites now. Probably, if they have new locations near my place it will be my To-Go milk tea shop. The perfect balance of creaminess and sweetness blended really well with each other. It’s so subtle that I really enjoyed every sip of this drink. My only comment is I, wished they have bigger size for this since they only have a default cup. It’s BITIN! Haha!

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