Celebrating National Cheese Day with Eden Cheese!

by - June 17, 2019

Who would have thought that there is such thing as National Cheese Day? Now you know! Last June 04, 2019 cheese lovers rejoiced as we celebrated the worldwide event!

I'm sure that most of you can relate to celebrating the deliciousness and creaminess that cheese, particularly the country’s #1 cheese, Eden brings to the dishes we serve our families.
 The event was hosted by Marie and asked, what are your favorite dishes that you enjoy with Eden cheese? Spaghetti? Hotdog on stick with cheese? Kaldereta? And the list goes on!
 Food Journalist and “Adobo Queen” Nancy Reyes Lumen quoted -- “Cheese is such a wonderful food that you can’t outgrow it. It is indispensable to our culture and daily lives as Filipinos. Cheese is one of the earliest foods we taste and the delight of it stays on from infancy to adulthood."
She even added .."We have grown up with it and it has been part of our lives all these years. Cheese is practically a “no-fail” ingredient. You can even burn it and it still tastes good. We love cheese because it blends creaminess into our taste buds. It is comfort food!”
No matter what generation you may be in, I'm sure that cheese has special place in our heart and stomach!
As for me, I am happily contented with Eden Cheese paired with Pandesal!!! (Also omelette too!)

We have a variety of dishes that can be revamped by adding cheese to it. Such as these dishes! How about you? Where do you usually add your Eden Cheese? :)

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