Thai Lovin' at Easy Tiger in Uptown Mall BGC

by - May 06, 2019

Thinking years back, I realized I am such a loser not being a Thai food lover. All along I thought that their food was purely spicy food. But they have so many delicious things that can offer. Me and Dadai even thought of visiting Thailand (plus Vietnam) just to explore their cuisines!

It's no wonder I got easily hooked when I tried Easy Tiger. Most of the Thai Restaurant will be on an average to expensive side of the pocket. But not Easy Tiger. I was surprised how affordable they have on their menu!

Easy Tiger is located in Uptown Place Mall in BGC. But I believed they also have a branch in Podium (Oritigas).

 The place was quite small but it is very charming. The old style utensils they are using, cloves of garlic and different spices as their display, it's not surprising that the place gets packed easily even before peak hours.

 Dipping sauce and condiments are readily available on each table. I loved this place that this post has different food from consecutive visits!
 Fresh Spring Rolls (138 pesos) - Never I visited this place without ordering their fresh spring rolls. Their version was huge, crisp and served cold. You will enjoy this with their chili sauce on the side. I also loved the roasted garlic they put on top!
 Stirred Fried Water Spinach with Yellow Beans (150 pesos) - The veggie girl in me can't stop from ordering vegetables. It's just basically our "ginisang kangkong". But the yellow beans and roasted garlic bring out wonders on this dish.
 Thai Chicken Wings (220 pesos) - This was OK. But I think it could be better. Maybe I'm just expecting too much for a fish sauce flavor. It only resembles as a fried chicken to me.
 Pad Thai Chicken (155 pesos) - I am not an expert with Pad Thai yet, but it was a tad sweeter compared from the other version I've tried. But yet, still good
 Round 7 | Grilled Chicken (200 pesos) - This is part of their set meals. Each set meal comes with rice, papaya salad and soup. I initially thought of Mang Inasal upon tasting this dish, but with a little fragrant on each bite. I liked it!

 Round 1 | Sate Chicken (170 pesos) - They may be don't have the smoky flavor that I am used to with satay, but still good. Their satay sauce was on a sweeter side than of a savory. But whichever it is, still a win win for me!
Round 4 | Sate Bacon Belly (180 pesos) - This was my friend's order, but for some reason, I didn't taste any difference from the Sate Chicken I ordered. I wonder how they call it bacon belly?

 Isaan Style Grilled Half Chicken (295 pesos) - Same as the Grilled Chicken above but served ala carte in half. And oh, their dipping sauces were really really good!
 See Kong Muu Kratiem Prig Thai with Salted Egg (289 pesos) - It's a spareribs with salt and pepper mixed with salted egg sauce. It was not I envisioned it to be. IT WAS REALLY SPICY! I may have a low tolerance when it comes to spicy food, but this dish was really spicy. I even felt my tongue sore fews days upon trying it. It's so spicy we decided to wrap it as to go instead.
 Tom Yum Mixed Seafood (265 pesos) - If I remember it right, my love for Thai food started with this. Tangy, spicy and savory plus the assortment of seafoods with the fragrant flavor from the lemongrass/galangal. Such a comforting dish.
 Kuey Tiew Luk Chin Ruam (165 pesos) - This one was the let down from all of my visits. I was craving for a Pho that time and this is the closest that I can get. But it was really weird upon my liking. If you are familiar with the hot and sour soup from Chinese Restaurant they kind of resembles the same thing. The soup and the meatballs were weirdly sour. My bad though, why I am even looking for a Pho in a Thai restaurant right? Hahahah!

 Thai Milk Tea (85 pesos) - It was initially not part of my order, but my curiosity strikes when I saw EVERYONE inside the restaurant having this drink. It's insane! But it was good! I remember when Chatime released their limited edition Thai Milk tea that became an instant favorite of mine! It tasted the same but this one was creamier. So nice to satisfy my Thai Milk Tea craving anytime of the day! 

Menu 1
Menu 2

Easy Tiger easily found a soft spot in my heart. Who wouldn't want authentic Thai food for affordable price right? How about you? What Thai food can you recommend to me then? :)

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