Quick Valentine's Day Staycation at Manila Hotel

by - May 15, 2019

Since I have a lot of catching up to do, expect a lot of throwbacks from our previous trips – More like staycation actually. I find staycations pretty applicable with our set up now. Now that we have Laurenne, it’s a struggle for me to travel with a toddler. Finding every way I can to keep her preoccupied. I remembered when we went to Baguio. Ahhhh. It’s insane! Hahaha

(Photo from Manila Hotel)

 One in our backlogs is when we stayed in Manila Hotel last Valentine’s Day 2018. Manila Hotel is known for their historic five star hotel setting in the Metro. It was the oldest premier hotel you will see in the Philippines. Upon stepping inside the hotel, it seems that you were transported from a different historic time. From the facade, interiors, chandeliers and the hues of the surrounding with such a classic beauty and elegance
The check in was a breeze. Usual registration, handing of incidental deposit, giving out key cards and assisting  us going in our room was hassle free.

Upon stepping into the room, it was not the usual “hotel type” you will see. Manila Hotel really boast an old school historical theme. It may be quite eerie at first. But you will appreciate it even more once you entered and check the room. Everything was spot on. The crisp and clean linens, soft and huge bedding, bath tub, welcome fruits and their ultra fast wifi connection. If I remember it right Dadai and I discussed that from all the staycations that we had, they have the fastest wireless connection. 


Shower Area


Coffee Making Facilities

Flat screen TV/ Table

Welcome Fruits

One thing that we consider now when having staycation is the swimming pool. Our little girl is such a water baby. My only comment is that their pool were quite far away from the rooms. (Well, in the room that we stayed though) It was located from the other side of the hotel. 

You will walk around 10 minutes just to dip into their pool. The struggle is after the swimming since you need to walk around with your soaked clothes. (Especially a toddler with us!)

I also remembered that the other side of the pool was too deep. I think around 8-9 feet (not sure!) But it was too deep that when our room card keys accidentally fell on the pool, the lifeguard also had a hard time because of the depth of the water. But the staffs were very helpful!

And yeah. We stayed on the shallow part of the pool. You can see how much our daughter enjoyed the pool right? 

After changing our clothes, the staff knocked on our door and handed over their famous chocolate as a turn down treat. Don’t you just love hotel with turn down treat? I don’t care if they pre-computed the turn down service with their rates, but it’s just nice to see these kind of gestures! The Manila Hotel’s chocolate wouldn’t be famous for nothing. It was really good!

Cafe Ilang Ilang at Manila Hotel
As I've read somewhere before Cafe Ilang Ilang is quite under rated when it comes to their buffet. Little did I know that they do really have great buffet selections!

I believed it was year of the dog that time. That's why it explains the giant dog on our back.

The selections in Cafe Ilang Ilang were good. I don't have to describe each plate, but you can see how great it was! And frankly, Cafe Ilang Ilang is one of our favorites now!

See how our daughter enjoyed as well?

Short but sweet! Given the chance to come back here? Definitely!  

Have you tried visiting this place already? Let  me know your comments below!

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