Mother's Day Presents - Let Love Flow with Baby Flo!

by - May 10, 2019

The days are long, but the years are short. Cliche as it may seemed but that's what I realized when we had Laurenne. Dadai and I usually discussed how much things have changed and how quickly it went by so fast!

From tiny and fragile baby to cheerful and talkative Laurenne! During our busy schedule, we see to it to have our bonding time with Laurenne.

Whether it may be with indoor pool, outdoor pool, with shower, or even with our batya(basin). We see to it that we have fun times, especially with bath time! After all, nothing beats parent's touch right? Baby Flo Family has been so kind to send these goodies for us to enjoy and use to pamper our little girl! You can see the excitement on her face right?

Even way before, we use most of their products as a default in our kits so it's not new to our eyes!

I personally use their powder. I am not the foundation type Mom to be honest. Just a baby powder and I am good to go. I really love that they have the talc version since it doesn't easily get removed from my face!

We have their oil on Laurenne's kit especially when we have Staycations. We have their green version (warming) before dipping in the pool.

Their cologne has this light scented smell perfect for your little ones! Choose amongst the three that suits your mood

I was surprised when I saw this. Because we only have the pink one. We always use this on Laurenne's rashes since she has sensitive skin. Excessive sweating will trigger her rashes. That's why we are happy to see that they have different variations!

Their baby shampoo is something we have to try. I've heard from my sister that the scent smells way longer than the others!

My favorite amongst these bundles is their wipes and buds! We never leave the house without it. Even if you compare to others, they have the sturdiest and don't get ripped easily.

See that priceless smile? Thank you Baby Flo Family for sending these over! You made this little girl too happy! Thank you Laurenne for coming into our lives! Through you, you made me feel to experienced to celebrate this wonderful event! 


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