Hydration Campaign | #UhawAreYou?

by - May 16, 2019

Let's go for a serious talk first. Did you know that 83% of Filipino kids are not drinking enough to keep them hydrated and healthy? Surprising and alarming at the same time right? Of course, as a Mom you do not want that to your kids right? Whether you don't have kids yet, simply your folks around your household should be reminded to stay hydrated and ask: UhawAreYou? (How are you? And simply reminding them to drink sufficiently)

 I am really guilty about this. Most of the time, I don't drink the required amount of fluid intake. Especially when I'm in the office. Too busy (and sometimes lazy to make a bathroom trip. Eeeek!). Who can relate? But what more our kids right?

Dehydration, even just 2% of body weight have negative effects on our kids. It affects their alertness and concentration. We can easily determine it through their dry lips, dark colored urine and so much more. But being dehydrated for a long term can lead to slow down of physical and mental performance. Such as dropping your kid's performance at school, interacting with others, strength during playtime. If not resolved immediately, it may lead to chronic dehydration, UTI, kidney stones, hypertension, and even stroke eventually.

 So with this campaign, TANG together with Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST) partnered together to raise awareness to everyone to be hydrated. 

 Bianca Gonzales - Intal gracefully hosted the event and shared some personal experiences.

 Admit it, it's not easy to ask our kids to drink water. In fact, when you asked them to drink and they are busy playing, they will just take a sip and that's it! This campaign doesn't eliminate the need to drink water. Of course, water is the number 1 source of hydration. But having kids, preparing juices can increase their fluid intake. Tang as the number 1 juice drink in the Philippines, can spike up your kids' fluid intake together with their usual water, fruits, vegetables! (There's a lot of factors that can contribute to it!)

Daily Hydration Guide

 Signs and Effects of Dehydration

Together with the Tang's Brand Manager Patricia Landicho and Czarina Martinez they explained the importance of asking ourselves and the people around us, UHAWAREYOU

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