Great Indonesian Feast at Warung Restaurant Kapitolyo!

by - May 21, 2019

We realized that as we grow older, our love for other cuisine goes deeper. It's not because we don't want Filipino food anymore -- heck no! But being able to try other cuisine and enjoying it fascinates me! Like my love I have now for Thai and Vietnamese cuisine!

Last Father's Day celebration along Kapitolyo, we had the urge to try a new restaurant. The OC in me started to check for trending restaurants and reviews online until I saw Warung Restaurant in Kapitolyo. Amazingly, it was one of the top rated restaurants in Kapitolyo. I even read someone that lives in Indonesia and he had a favorite restaurant somewhere in Makati. Not until he tried Warung and it marks as his top spot here in the Metro.

 We didn't have a hard time locating the place (thanks for waze). But if you are familiar with Silantro, it is almost across to each other. The place was surprisingly huge that they have parking inside the restaurant. I believed it can fit up to 8 cars inside. We were fortunate enough to meet the owner Tita Tess and her sister. I first asked the crew if the owner is a Filipino. Yes, Tita Tess is a Filipino that worked in Indonesia for 15 years and her sister for 28 years. So you know that they have authentic offerings here!

The place was homey and designed intricately. It can accommodate 200 customers as they also have a second floor and a function room. As of this writing, they will be celebrating their 3rd year this June.

Couches for their al fresco dining.

 Dadai and Laurenne

 You may also notice some products on their cabinet that you can purchase all the way from Indonesia. That explains the authentic taste with their food since most of the spices were from Indonesia as well.

 I have so much appreciation now with restaurants providing crayons to kids. Everything was flawless on this place. It easily found a spot in my foodie heart. The servers were genuinely kind as well! It's so good that we really enjoyed our stay and told them we will come back! And guess what? After a week, we visited again together with our parents for them to see how great this place was. And really nice that the staff still remember us!

 Tumis Kangkung (145 pesos) - A meal for me without vegetables seems incomplete. We decided to order something that was not spicy. It was plain and simple stir fried kangkong leaves with some soy based sauce and oyster with garlic and bell pepper. It may be simple, but it's not the usual stir fried kangkong dish that we are familiar with. I enjoyed this one!

 Tumis Kacang Panjang (145 pesos) - During our second visit, I asked my Dad to choose our vegetables and we had this. It was just okay for us, honestly. Not a hit, nor miss. This is something we can order from others. You may also ask the crew to tone down the spiciness level on this one.

 Sate Ayam (195 pesos) - Oh my good Lord. I can't help but to exaggerate with this. It's probably on my top satays I ever had. Really tender and melts in your mouth chicken satay with their sweet and savory sauce and roasted garlic on top. I won't get tired eating this. 

 Beef Rendang (375 pesos) - Widely popular as one of Indonesia's dishes. If there is Adobo in Philippines, there is Beef Rendang in Indonesia. Slow cooked tender chunks of beef with some coconut milk and spices. You may request to make it spicier according to your preference

 Ayam Goreng Kremes - Half (250 pesos) - Tender fried chicken topped with flavorful crispy flakes! Laurenne can't stop munching over the crispy flakes. Recommendable to order if ever you have kids with you. But you know what was my favorite on this? The special sambal sauce served on the side. Sambal is the bagoong version in Indonesia. This is really addicting! It's not the usual bagoong we have here in the Philippines. Sweet and Spicy at the same time. I can eat this on its own. You better try this and see for yourself!

 Ayam Bakar - Half (250 pesos) - When I personally talked with the owner, she said that it's one of their must try as well. And she's right! The chicken was grilled with their rich and thick soy glazed that you can taste all throughout the chicken! Will also order this again on our next visit!

 Ikan Bakar - XL (475 pesos) - Another must try on this place. Tita Tess were proud to say that it's really good. We didn't have the chance to order on our first visit since the smaller portion was not available. That's why we see to it to order now that we are in a bigger group! Ahhhh. I'm salivating while writing this. The grilled fish was glazed with their secret spices. Sweet, savory with a chamomile tea-fragrant flavor at the same time. I think it also has some galanggal or tanglad. (If my taste buds were correct). Will make sure to order this again!

 Martabak Tipis Manis with Choco (300 pesos) - I was able to try the thicker version of this (also have on their menu) when I was in Malaysia and my Indonesian friend brought some Martabak in the office and I liked it! So this time, I was intrigued with this. It was crispy on the outside and soft inside. They were proud to say that the chocolate they used was the Indonesian favorite chocolate --Ceres. This is really sinful! Inside were filled with chocolate, cheese, condense milk and butter! Yum!

See how my little girl enjoyed? Heheh! But honestly, I was able to try Indonesian food solely on buffets. But visiting a restaurant that specializes in Indonesian cuisine is completely a different thing. It may be the first Indonesian restaurant that I had and weird that I may not have much of a comparison to others, but I am confident that it's one of the best tasting Indo food that I have tried. I will really rave about this place. One of the books now. Make sure you visit this place. You will thank me later! :)

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