GIVEAWAY ALERT! Japanese Fusion at Hodai Restaurant!

by - May 27, 2019

Our sponsors were being extra generous right now. And guess what? We will have another giveaway! But first, let me share you the great experience we had when we visited Hodai Restaurant

Featuring the Gold Set Menu from Hodai Restaurant

 Hodai Restaurant is a Japanese fusion restaurant located at #14 Examiner West Triangle Quezon City. It takes a new concept of a modern buffet styled setting. They provide eat all you can setting with a twist from the usual Japanese food that we loved without sacrificing the quality and taste.

 The setting has this modern Japanese interiors. Laurenne immediately wanted to get their melona ice cream. Hahah! Their store hours is from 11 AM - 3 PM for lunch and resumes at 5 - 10 PM for dinner. I was surprised that we arrived exactly 11 AM and the place has awaiting customers already

 We seated at the upper portion of the restaurant. The place was quite huge and can accommodate up to 150 customers.

We tried their Gold Set that consists of Fish Teriyaki, Japchae or Rose Cream Pasta, Tempura, Roll Tower, Korean Fried Chicken, Kani Salad, Kimchi Gyoza, Tonkatsu and Spicy Cheese BBQ Bowl. You can have these all for UNLIMITED with their on going promo for 359 pesos only. To tell you honestly, it's such a steal! You can get full with the Roll Tower alone, what more with the other dishes? Rice and Soup are also available together with this set!

 Kani Salad - I have mentioned that I loved salad right? Their dressing is on the watery side, but still enjoyable for a salad lover like me.

 Japchae - I appreciate that their noodles were not too sticky, so it's easier for me to eat it. Flavor wise, it's also okay.

 Kimchi Gyoza - Truth to be told, I am not a fan of Kimchi. But weird that it's one of the dishes I loved! I only realized that it was Kimchi when I am writing this article. HahahThe fillings were good on its own even without the dip.

 Tempura - Who doesn't like tempura right? Not just the usual shrimp tempura. But Hodai served it together with vegetable and fish tempura!

 Korean Fried Chicken - They served this in two ways. Spicy and the sweet savory version. Both were good! I love the rightful amount of heat that they put on this, as well as the honey-like sweetness that the other one has. Your kids will surely love this!

Pork Tontakasu - I was surprised how huge their serving size was! This can feed two people already. Crispy pork smothered with their tonkatsu sauce

Rose Cream Pasta - I love how a fusion restaurant works! Like having this pasta on their menu. It's basically a creamed based sauce (resembled to our Carbonara) with a kick of spiciness. Surprisingly, it's Dadai's favorite among all the dishes served. 

Fish Teriyaki - I think the presentation can be improved on this dish. But nevertheless, it's my favorite! I really love the light teriyaki sauce they put on this. The fish was really moist and tender. I can eat this all day! 

Spicy Cheese BBQ Bowl - One of the contenders on our number 1 spot. You know the famous melted cheese on Korean Samgyupsal that everyone raves about? It's basically almost the same as this one, but served on a sizzling plate. The BBQ chicken has a hint of spiciness that complimented the bubbling gooey cheese. Really good!

Do I need to say more with their Roll Tower? From California Roll, Bulgogi, Mango, Kani, Kimchi and so much more! This is really sulit!

They also have ongoing promo that will give you a free Melona Ice cream once you follow and like their facebook and instagram page.

You can have all of these for UNLIMITED serving for only 359 with their promo price OR 599 on a regular price. Or better yet, join the giveaway! You know the drill guys! See full mechanics below:

Worth 1000 pesos Gift Certificates for TWO Lucky Winners! 
(You can join two of your friends and just add less than a hundred!)

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Things to remember:
- Valid until November 30, 2019
- Redeemable at Hodai Restaurant (#14 Examiner West Triangle, Quezon City)
Schedule - Lunch: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM | Dinner: 5:00 - 10:00 PM
- Enjoy UNLIMITED Japanese Fusion Cuisine
- Draw will be on June 16 through rafflecopter

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