Bistro Dining | Olivia & Co at Uptown Place Mall

by - April 09, 2019

Probably one of the unnoticed restaurants in Uptown Mall. Or well at least for a newbie like me in the area. Olivia and Co got me curious seeing my friends visiting the place from time to time.

I found out that Olivia @ Co is a bistro cafe all the way from Singapore.

Their interior was such an eye catcher. From the flooring, wall, and everything in between

They also have bar area in the middle of the restaurant where they mostly prepare your drinks and torch your pasta
You may also enjoy their coffee on the left most part of the restaurant with their cakes. I first visited the place with my friend and I loved everything during my first visit that's why I asked Dadai to visit the place together.
I loved that they immediately bring out crayons for Laurenne to enjoy. It's a simple gesture that parents appreciates in a restaurant.
Bangkok Wings (275 pesos) - I'm quite sensitive when it comes to spicy food. But they have different variants of wings that can satisfy your tolerance. I opted for their Bangkok wings. Sweet with a subtle hint of spiciness. Winner!
White Wine Mussels (400 - 500 pesos) - This is the letdown of our visit. Quite regret ordering this one. The cream and the white wine combination of the sauce were good. I also appreciate the huge size of mussels that they have. But the texture of the mussel were not okay during our visit. It's somewhat like a rubber with a grainy texture at the same time. 
Stir Fry Beef  Pasta (200+ pesos) - This is new on their menu and Dadai wanted to try something for a change. Savory pasta generously topped with stir fry beef, bell peppers and onion. We also noticed that they were on the saltier side of cooking. But in our case that we prefer that way, it's a thumbs up for us! :)
Chicken Pasta (200+ pesos) - Tomato based pasta topped with breaded chicken slices and cheese on top. Such a comforting dish!
Squid Ink Pasta (300+ pesos) - Be sure not to order this whenever you're on a date and trying to impress someone! haha! The squid ink pasta will stain your teeth big time. The squid pasta sauce were flavorful. It may not be visible on the picture but it also have various seafoods inside.
Shrooms Pasta (200 + pesos) - My favorite amongst the pasta. Oil based pasta with fresh mushrooms, topped with cheese  torched in front of you. I won't get tired ordering this.
Cafe Latte (150+ pesos)
Nutmare Milkshake (200+ pesos) - Surely one of my favorites! Have you ever had this moment when you eat or smell something, and suddenly brings back so many memories? Ahhhh! This is the one! I remembered my childhood when I first took a sip! 

How about you? Have you tried visiting the place? Let me know your thoughts! :)

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