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by - April 25, 2019

Just a few days ago, Philippines were shocked with Earthquake on different parts of the country. I remember when I felt the 6.9 magnitude quake. I was currently working at home that time and I thought I'm just dizzy when I initially felt it. But when I looked at the picture frames, it was swaying from left and right. As a parent, what instantly comes to my mind was my Laurenne. I immediately went outside and grabbed her.

It's really true that what will instantly come to your mind is your baby! I come to this article after different posts on Facebook from my timeline. "How prepare are you when "The Big One" hits the Philippines?

Guilty enough, we are not. We do have Laurenne's kit with some medicine whenever we travel.(Staycation, Beach etc). It's a realization to us when we went to Palawan and she got a fever. We are totally helpless since we were isolated on an island. Good thing that the hotel personnels have the things we needed such a paracetamol, cooling pad etc. From then on, we always bring Laurenne's kit whenever we travel. 

(Inside Laurenne's Travel Kit) 

1. Socks
2. Towel
3. Betadine
4. Ointments
5. Paracetamol
6. Thermometer
7. Oral Rehydration Salts
8. Cooling Patch 

(I personally prefer Watsons brand since it doesn't have any pungent smell and it sticks all throughout the forehead properly)

But.. Going back to the question and guilty enough to say that we are not actually prepared when these unfortunate things happens. They said that it's a MUST for you to have a "TO GO Bag" when these circumstances arises. It is best to have this in your house (near the exit) and in the compartment of your car.  So sharing you guys the To Go Bag I recently prepared:

1. First Aid Kit (290 pesos) - It is readily available in supermarkets/drugstore. I bought it at Watson for 290 pesos. I am happy that I am not the only one who bought this item. I even heard the cashier saying "Ang daming bumibili ng First Aid Kit ngayon!".  Better safe than sorry right? It has the following Basic Kits:

- 1 piece First Aid Guide
- 1 piece Surgical Tape
- 1 piece Wash Proof Plaster Strips
- 1 piece Elastic Bandages
- 2 pieces Gauze Pad (2x2)
- 1 piece Povidone Iodine (30 ml)
- 1 Isopropyl Alcohol (30 ml)
- 1 Pack Cotton Buds (36 tips)
- 1 piece Spirit of Ammonia (15 ml)
- 1 piece Vapor Rub (10 g)
- 1 piece Flashlight

I was torn between choosing the Mediplast brand or this one, but since it has flash light, I opted for this. I also inserted some safety pins and rounded tip scissors)

2. Medicine Kit - Our usual medicine on the go are (Paracetamol, Loperamide,  Phenylephrine HCl + Paracetamol and Paracetamol for Laurenne) I bought the magnetic container in Mini So (119 pesos).

3. Emergency Blanket (59 pesos) - Thin yet durable blanket that can keep you warm in case of typhoon. It is also reflectorized and can act as water catcher 

4. Aquatabs (500+pesos) - Not in the picture since I just ordered this through Lazada. I am not sure if it's available in leading drugstores since when I asked at Watson, they don't have an idea with this. I find this useful and amazing to have this in your bag. As per my research,  this will act as a water purifier and can kill germs and microorganisms to your water during evacuations. You can also do your research about this!

5. Digital Thermometer (175 pesos)
6. Cool Fever Gel (52 pesos)
7. Mosquito Repellant (100 pesos)
8. Mosquito Patch (57 pesos)
9. Extra Washable Plaster Strips (33 pesos)
10. Canned Foods, Crackers, Candy (Make sure you have the easy open variant)
11. Whistle (50 pesos)
12. Face Mask (30 pesos)
13. Sealed Water (40 pesos)
14. Anti Rash Cream (Calmoseptine) (45 pesos) - This is very useful and effective whenever Laurenne has rashes
15.Toiletries (Soap, Shampoo, Baby Oil, Wet wipes etc.)
17. Clothes (Extra clothes, towel, socks, Diaper)
18. Money, Cards, Contact Numbers and other important documents placed and sealed in a plastic envelope.

These are the things I initially placed on our To-Go bag. Probably will put some more items in the near future. I don't intend for this post to trend. But if this post will be beneficial even just for a single person out there. I'm glad I was able to pass the message and help in the simplest way I canThese are the things we need to have, but definitely don't want to use. 

How about you? Have you prepared your Emergency To Go Bag? You can comment down additional suggestions that we can include on our bag! 

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