Mom and Daughter Date at Hello Kitty Cafe!

by - April 29, 2019

I am torn between posting a Thai restaurant that we recently dined in, but I am biased to post this instead since it involves my daughter. So the other one can wait. Heheh! As a first time parent, We find time to squeeze-in bonding dates with our daughter. We usually have family dates most of the weekends, but we also try to have a solo bonding with Laurenne. I took the opportunity to date my baby girl last Valentine's Day at Hello Kitty Cafe in Uptown Place Mall (BGC, Taguig). And I think it's the perfect place for our Mother and Daughter bonding!

After our usual Kidzoona bonding activity, we headed straight to Hello Kitty Cafe.
I've been seeing this place for quite a long time already. Especially my kikay friends who loves Hello Kitty.
Though Hello Kitty might not be Laurenne's first choice of character since she's currently hooked with Peppa Pig. Who can resist seeing this Kitty right? It is with such fascination when she saw Hello Kitty! She's jumping with joy and shouting "Hello Hello Kitty!" when we entered!
 The place was really cute and intricately designed with Hello Kitty trademarks.
 I advised you to be seated on this cool Hello Kitty couches in the corner for a full-kikay experience! Hehe!
  You may also opt to be seated on the benches inside the cafe. Everyone can't help but to take pictures of this lovely cafe! Really instagramable friendly!
 Assortment of pastries were also available on their display 
Truth to be told, I thought this place was just a pretty place. But I was satisfied with the experienced we had. 
 Hello Kitty Lollipop - Okay so I forgot how much this costs and the name of this cause my little one is too excited. I really thought that it's an ice cream bar, but it was a lollipop cake pop. It's the usual chocolate cake enclosed with chocolate and Hello Kitty ribbon as a topper!
 Chocolate Tarte (180+) - Chocolate mousse, thin crust, topped with chocolate, fruits and meringue. This was just okay to me. But again, I really appreciate that they incorporated Hello Kitty in all aspects of their products!
 Spaghetti Bolognese (375 pesos) - I love this! I have to agree that it may be on a pricey side for a spaghetti, but it tasted good! Huge amount of spaghetti noodles. The meat sauce on top were hefty as well. I loved that they served the spaghetti with two heart shaped sandwiches with Hello Kitty face made up of bread, ham and mayo

 Choco Mango Crepe (235 pesos) - This would be my favorite! The huge fluffy crepe topped with cookie crumbs, kiwi, mango, and meringue. I specifically loved the Hello Kitty mark that gives the crepe a subtle burnt taste. Wonderful!
The crepe was filled with creamy mousse with a hint of hazelnut flavor. I don't find this cloying at all. I really enjoyed this! haha!
 Dark Chocolate Frappucino (210 pesos) - I got intrigued when I saw this on their menu boards. It was okay, but I find it too sweet for my liking.
They also placed your take - outs on this pretty Hello Kitty paper bag. The quality is good that you can even reuse it. 

How about you? Have you tried this place already? :)

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