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by - April 15, 2019

When the Korean BBQ craze started, I'm always telling Dadai to explore different Korean Resto and compare it to one another. We both thought that we already tried the greatest in the metro, not until I received a comment on my Instagram by a Doctor friend to try Premier The Samgyupsal. She even told us that it's the best that she tried! Intrigued and curious enough, I immediately reserved a table over the weekend! 

 Even our little one Laurenne enjoyed her stay! Haha!
 Premier The Samgyupsal has different branches around the metro. But one of the closest to our place is their San Juan branch (near Greenhills).
 Their San Juan branch is spacious and well ventilated. They can even accommodate large number of groups on the second flood.
We arrived before lunch time and a few minutes after, visitors were coming right then and there. We noticed that it's also quite popular with students nearby area. I also have to commend their service. They are prompt refilling our plates and very friendly. But as per the comments I received from my Facebook page, they were really popular having a great and courteous service. So kudos to them! :)
 You will be first served with almost 15+ Korean appetizers as a starter to tickle your taste buds. From kimchi, pickled veggies and even chap chae! They have that! What I really loved about their appetizer? Everything was seasoned very well and well thought of! Hindi sila yung ‘basta may maserved lang?! I can't really think of negative things about this place!
 If I have to choose between their starters. Their seafood soup would be my favorite! Spicy yet flavorful broth served with enoki mushrooms and an assortment of seafood. (Soup palang, winner na!)
 Their steamed egg is also part of their appetizers. I hate comparing it to others, but once you tried theirs, you will realize why. Just like this, they put some twist to it. So expect that it's not the usual "eggy" type. 
 Sliced Beef - I always ask for salt and pepper. I really enjoyed this with some dash of it. Simple but good!
Marinated Sliced Beef - Savory yet sweet at the same time. My nephew attacked this one when we had our second visit!  
 Part of their meat selection would be the slab of pork, marinated beef and marinated chicken! (Yes, they also have chicken! Others don't have that!) I told you there's so many things to love about this place!

This is their UNLI MIX. 8 kinds of meat (Beef Bulgogi, Woosamgyup, Marinated Beef, Marinated Pork, Aged Samgyupsal, Chicken and 15 kinds of complimentary sides and Unlimited rice! 
Since I have a toddler with me, Dadai is the one in charged of cooking. And I'm in charge of eating! Haha!
A complete set of cutlery is also there. Dadai loved to cut the slab of pork and cook it like Lechon Kawali! :)
The Other Korean Restaurant we tried has this weird, sweet and bland tasting cheese. But NOT The Premier Samgyupsal's. They have legit cheese on their inclusion. I really enjoyed it together with the beef strips!
 I always enjoy mine with their lettuce, some greens and their sauce. Perfect combination!
 You can have these huge feast for only 580 pesos! THIS IS ALL REFILLABLE and NO TIME LIMIT
 These kind of family dates is something I will treasure forever :)
 Hungry enough? So here it goes! 

Win a Gift Certificate of UNLI MIX from Premier The Samgyupsal (San Juan Branch) for you and three friends (Total of 4 Gift Certificates to be given away!) Just follow these simple steps to join. The more entries you send, the more chances of winning! πŸ˜‹

✅ Like tetadventurer facebook Page
✅ Like The Premier Samgyupsal Facebook Page
✅ Follow tetadventurer Instagram Page
✅ Follow Premier The Samgyupsal Instagram Page
✅ Tag THREE of your friends in this post that you want to join
✅ Share this post to your facebook timeline. Post should be public (for checking)

Things to remember:
- Valid from Mondays to Fridays ONLY
- Enjoy UNLIMITED Pork, Beef and Chicken! (Others don’t have that! πŸ˜‰)
- Enjoy as much as 15 flavorful appetizers

- Draw will be on April 30 through rafflecopter


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