Love At First Try at Locavore Kapitolyo

by - February 27, 2019

Locavore is not new to my ears. In fact, I have heard this place a lot! From friends, colleagues and even my sister who keeps on forcing me to visit Locavore. But having a toddler with us on our busy work schedule seemed to be impossible to sneak a date with hubs.

Last Valentine's Day, I initially scouted for a place near us where we can celebrate V-Day and go back right after to Laurenne.  I planned our schedule and reserved a table for two. Including the foods to order. And guess what? We ended up going with Laurenne anyways. (Mommy Guilt!)
 I was surprised when I entered the place. I wasn't expecting the place to be that huge. The place was divided in 3 parts. (Beside the kitchen area, stool chair, non air conditioned room)
 Since we had a reservation, we comfortably seated on their couches. And I must commend how attentive and friendly their servers are!
 Oysters, Mangga, Bagoong (255 pesos) -  Our meal started with their appetizer. It was my sister who kept on telling me to order this dish. But I am hesitant to do so since Aldrin is not a fan of oysters. My sister told me that it's a must try dish and probably Dadai wouldn't even noticed that it's oyster if I order.
 Curious enough, the sneaky in me told him that it's somewhat a chicharon (so he wouldn't push back when I tell him it's oyster). More than the pretty presentation of this dish, it's a party of flavors in our mouth! Weird as it may seem but the fried oyster, bagoong, mangga, mayo blended well with each other! When I saw that Aldrin loved it, I eventually told him that it's Oyster. Hahah! It's so good that Aldrin asked me to order this again during our second visit!
 Locavore visit wouldn't be complete without ordering their famous sizzlings!
 Sizzling Sinigang (550 pesos) -  It was Locavore who started the sizzling sinigang craze. Can't blame others for copying them, but ordering this dish alone gives Locavore the bragging rights to do so! The tender and fatty short rib on a flavorful sinigang sauce makes you want to order some more rice! Sampaloc gravy, garnished with cherry tomatoes, garlic, onions and french beans! Don't leave the place without putting this on your list! You will thank me later!
 Fried Oyster Sisig (370 pesos) - I have read somewhere that their Oyster Sisig is another must try. It was good (Aldrin liked it, especially the sauce), but I think I can skip this on another visit and try different items from their menu.
 Ginataang Kalabasa (420 pesos) - Who would even think that this is Ginatang Kalabasa? Locavore surely knows how to play with their dishes. Bed of mashed kalabasa, topped with crispy pork belly, shrimps and french beans! Another favorite! (Lahat na lang favorite? haha!) 
 Corned Bistek (550 pesos) - Home made corned beef, bistek sauce, red onions with french beans. The beef reminded me of the beef strips served in Samgyupsal. But moreover, what I loved about this place is their sauces were really flavorful. "Sabaw pa lang, ulam na!" Plus the veggies on the side is a thumbs up for me!
 Mac's Boneless Fried Chicken (270 pesos) - This is part of their best sellers but it's so-so for me. It reminded me of the korean fried chicken you can order somewhere. But if you are bringing some kiddos, put this on your list since the crunchy soy-glazed chicken is surely hard to resist for them!
 Sugpo Con Mayonesa (980 pesos) - The price may be quite intimidating to some, BUT! Take my word from it --- it's worth every peso! I was also skeptical when I first heard about this. Prawn? Mayonnaise? How come? But it worked in every single way!
  Jumbo tiger prawns, aligue, Japanese mayonnaise, garlic and butter! Ordering this dish may be quite sinful, but indulging once in a while won't hurt right? This and the sinigang would be our top choices. We visited the place twice and ordered both on our visits. IT.IS.THAT.GOOD!
 Also ordered some Organic Garlic Rice (80 pesos)
 Some Guava Strawberry Iced Tea Carafe (210 pesos)
 And their ongoing buy 1 take 1 mojito that Aldrin both consumed. haha!
 Turon Con Leche (220 pesos) - Fried puff pastry with leche flan in the middle and served with their Dulce de Leche. Be careful with this since it's piping hot upon serving!
We also ordered these as our perfect sweet ender!
Torta Mangga (230 pesos) - It reminded me of Conti's Mango Bravo. But they have different twist on this one. Layers of mangga, tablea and my favorite dulce de leche!
Leche Flan (190 pesos) - Can't resist not to order this! Cup sized leche flan served with orange on the side.
What's good about this? You can generously drizzle caramel on top! 

I have so many great things to say about this place. All of our orders hit the spot. I have to say, that it's on my favorite list now. If you'll ask me my favorite restaurant one of these days, without batting an eyelash, Locavore is the one that will come to my mind! I can't wait to try their newly opened branch in EastwoodHow about you? What's your favorite at Locavore? For the newbies like me, what do you want to try on your visit then? Let me know your thoughts!

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