Sweet Staycation at Bag of Beans Athena

by - January 21, 2019

When you heard about Bag of Beans what will instantly come to your mind is the famous Blueberry Cheesecake. And if you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that Bag of Bean's Blueberry Cheesecake is my benchmark when it comes to best tasting cheesecake. Tagaytay visit wouldn't be complete without their cheesecake! 

(Photo from their website)

  But who would have thought that they have Bed and Breakfast? I was even surprised when I found out about it. I think a few people were also unaware since I've tried checking for online reviews but I haven't found any. Bag of Beans Athena branch is their Bed and Breakfast that has lavish Victorian theme.

(Photo from their website)

They have limited rooms namely (Elizabeth, Victoria and Athena). I had a hard time choosing if we'll go for Athena or the Victoria inspired room. But I was really mesmerized with the set up of Victoria so we ended booking that room. But the Athena has equally wonderful restroom don't you think?
What you see on their picture uploaded is what you get. Except for the curtain that they probably cleaned and changed, everything was so enchanting!
 Rustic and elegant feeling on every corner of the room. The place was spacious and perfect for those who need a quick escape from the busy life in Manila.
 The crisp linens and ultra soft beddings and pillows!
 I really loved the small details like these!
 The room has a small dining area if you wished to have your meals in your room
 Evening shot
 Even the bath area is equally huge as well. I think it's 1/4 size of the room. You can even split or play patintero inside the shower area. haha!
 The shower area was divided with a glass to separate the sink and the toilet area
 Toilet Area
 I loved that they provided a simple yet sufficient toiletries for their guests.
 Brewed Coffee x Tagaytay's Cold Weather = Perfect! 
 Milkshake in Tagaytay because why not? 
 Since the restaurant is just outside, no problems ordering your cravings anytime of the day!
 Their accommodation comes with breakfast for two. Set menus such as I've ordered comes with 2 pancakes, eggs of your choice, sausage,  and bacon!
 While as for Dadai, he prefers to have their homemade tocino. It's delicious!
Sad to say that during our stay Blueberry Cheesecake was out of stock that time. So we decided to drive to their other branch for this. (Plus 2 take aways!) Did I just say it's my favorite? Haha!

How about you? Have you heard about this place already? Or tried the famous Blueberry Cheesecake? :)

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