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by - January 06, 2019

When I found out I was pregnant, I initially told myself that I will be breastfeeding Laurenne. I don't have much of a background when it comes to breastfeeding but I am firm that I will be doing this for the best of my baby. This is definitely NOT to add friction regarding the never ending topic of Breastmilk VS Formula fed babies. For me, YOUR BABY, YOUR RULES! You know what will work best for your baby right? So what's really the turning point for me to decide to breastfeed Laurenne anyways?

You see, I am one of those preggers with not too visible baby bump. I remember an office mate once told me "Uy, buntis ka pala Maam Teta?" And man let me tell you that I am 7 months already that time (turning 8)! And to tell you honestly hearing those words is kinda irritating. Because at the back of your mind, you'll start to imagine crazy things about pregnancy. ''Is my baby okay?' I am eating healthy but why she's too small for her size?" "Is she normal?" So please everyone, STOP saying these things to pregnant woman.

At the delivery room. Would you believe? You can't barely noticed my bump

It's when everybody's saying that I don't looked like 9 months pregnant at all and when we found out that her size is small for a new born baby that made us worried even more! Then I promised myself that I will tirelessly nurture her, feed her and nurse her as long as she want! And there goes the history.

My first ever liquid gold!

First few days (actually weeks) were such a roller coaster ride. First, the hospital I've given birth  didn't follow the breast milk code. They gave formula to my daughter without my consent. Second, what I didn't know is I am inverted. I didn't even know there is such thing. I initially bought an affordable breast pump through Lazada. I remember it was a Looney Tunes Electric Breast Pump (2,999). True to its price but the suction is not working as it should be. I can't barely feel it. So with the eagerness to give colostrum to my baby, no choice but to buy the cheap ol' potpot pump that's conveniently available in mercury drug. It does the wonder but it's really draining and time consuming especially you need to feed your baby every 2-3 hours.

While manually pumping on my first week, I am still trying to offer my breast to her but since I am inverted, this didn't work either. So best friend google comes in hand and suggested to have the nipple shield might help to pop out the nipple. And to our surprised, it actually worked for me! Used the nipple shield for around 2-3 days until we started to remove it.

I can clearly remember the first time that Laurenne actually latched on me directly. I really cried a lot and bursting out of happiness! And there it started the inseparable connection that Laurenne and I have.
(Spectra Dew 350) - Hospital Grade (8,000 pesos)

When we had the chance to go out, me and hubs immediately bought an electric breast pump. Searched online for the best hospital grade pump that I can use non stop and it leads me to Spectra. I bought it to BabyMama PH. But later then on, we decided to buy another electric pump (Portable this time) that I can use in the office.
Spectra M1 Double Electric Pump - Portable Grade (8,000 pesos)

With 2 years (and counting) of breastfeeding Laurenne, I encountered different issues such as Engorgement, Low Supply, Cracked Nipples, Milk Bleb, Fever with Chills and so much more!
I remembered on my 7th month, I experienced sudden decreased of supply. I can usually expressed 30 oz of breastmilk in the office but it suddenly dropped down to 8 - 10 oz. That's why I needed to contact Aruguaan (Nanay Ines on the picture) to perform Lactation massage to remove the clogged ducts that I have. It worked wonders since my supply went back again after 2 days!

God has been so great and allowed me to be an instrument helping others. He gave me enough supply to have extra stash and donated to numbers of NICU babies. It's such a wonderful feeling!
All these sacrifices were really worth it. As  I am always saying whenever someone ask for breastfeeding advise or milk stash handling, Breastfeeding is 10% milk and 90% dedication! The people around you would also be another thing that will make your breastfeeding a success. 
I don't see myself weaning Laurenne anytime soon. It's quite draining, challenging knowing that you have a clingy baby all the time. But I know that it won't take long. Will forever treasure this special bonding that Laurenne and I have for the rest of my life.  

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  1. which one you use often, the spectra dew or the m1? which one is better?


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