Lunch Date at Basil in Ayala Malls the 30th!

by - January 18, 2019

Both Dadai and I admit that we are such a late bloomer when it comes to other cuisines. It was just recently when we found our love for Thai food! (And even Vietnamese cuisine). I guess #adulting has something to do with this? haha!

 Wanting for a change from our usual routine, we decided to dine at Basil in Ayala Malls the 30th.
 You will be welcomed by this Buddah right as you enter the place. Just in time when the restaurant opened so we got the place by ourselves.
 I really liked the vibe of their place. The servers were equally good as well
 We first started with their Vietnamese Spring Rolls (260 pesos). Not of an expert, but I think Basil serves really authentic Thai dishes. Though I am a fan of soft small Vietnamese spring rolls, I appreciate the huge version they have with the strong flavor of greens accompanied by their homemade sauce.
 Beef Satay (345 pesos) - is also one of their dishes we enjoyed a lot! Tender and flavorful satay served with their two dipping sauces.
 Their Bagoong Rice (298 pesos) is a stunner as well. They didn't skimp on Bagoong and you'll taste the flavor in every bite.
Chicken Cashew Nuts (295 pesos) were also good! Golden fried chicken strips, on a sweet and salty glazed with some cashews, chilis and spring onions on top
Tom Yum (350 pesos)- Another favorite that we just recently loved! The tangy and spicy flavor of this soup will make you want to ask for more. But we find their version too spicy for our liking (but it's all because our tolerance to spicy dishes were low)
Fish, Shrimps, Squids and Clams on a fragrant spicy broth. Yum!
And to finally cap off our meal with Thai famous Mango Sticky Rice (130 pesos)! Simple sweet sticky rice drizzled with (coco) milk, some mango slices and chopped nuts! How can you even go wrong with this?

How about you? What can you recommend Thai Restaurant to us for our next visit? :)

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