Comfort Food Within Reach @ Wings on The Go

by - January 20, 2019

Don't you have these days that you want to eat something good, but the lazy ol' you is just too lazy to prepare and want to dine somewhere nearby instead? Being in the province of Rizal makes me want to thank these guys who are putting these hole in a wall that you can visit anytime you want and offer comfort food goodness!

As I have told you, I have several backlogs to write on the blog and Wings On The Go is part of it. Wings On the Go (WOTG) started in 2012 with no physical store (more on pick up) and eventually managed to have their own store in Angono Rizal. 
(These photos were from their old location. Will try to update this article once we visit their new place)
Condiments were available within reach to every customers
Old Menu. I believed they were able to expand their menu as well. The now offer ribs and grilled food choices.
 Green Salad (110 pesos) - This is a must to me whenever we visit WOTG. The veggies were fresh and and crisp served with their home made dressing
 Buffalo Wings - You can orders these by 4 pcs / 8 pcs / 12 pcs
 Italian Meatball (140 pesos) - I was surprised upon seeing this dish! It's really good for the price. Huge ball of meatball, generously smothered with tomato sauce and cheese!
                   Don't you just love your pasta with lots of sauce? I DO! :)
Another visit with friends this time!
El Nacho (90 pesos) - I really love that they are generous with the ingredients. From the ground beef/pork, cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, corn and everything in between! You cannot go wrong with this combination!
Pizza Fries (110 pesos) - True to its name it's indeed a pizza fries! Pizza toppings underneath crispy fries. Though I find the tomato sauce a bid sour for my liking.
Rock N' Roll Burger (140 pesos) - Made up of patties, peanut sauce, bacon, veggies, mushroom and egg. This burger was really filling! My only comment on this was the peanut sauce. Upon checking on the burger, I found a whole chunk of peanut butter on my burger. I wished they spread it evenly. Nevertheless, it's still a good combination.
And as I have told ou, I really love their salad!
How about you Rizal foodies? Have you tried this place already? Can't wait to visit Best Best FoBtheir new place! 

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