Aldrin's Surprise Birthday Celebration | Anya Resort & Residences at Tagaytay

by - January 16, 2019

I've been planning on posting this article, but it's quite lengthy, so time and effort is needed for this post. But when I found out that Moira's Wedding preparation was held at this place (showbiz haha!) How did I found it? I've been seeing the pictures (no tagged location was given) But I know for myself that this beautiful place is really familiar. And I can't be wrong that it's Anya Resort &Residences in Tagaytay.

I've said it before and I am saying this again and again. From all the places and staycations we've been through, a luxury resort in Bohol has been on our number one spot for a long time, not until I found out about Anya. Saw it through another blogger friend. Accessibly situated in Tagaytay, I knew we must visit the place! You can still consider Anya as a newly opened resort. Roughly 1 and half year as of this writing. 
 Anya Resort & Residences is also the same guys behind the Club Funta Fuego in Batangas. I am glad that the place is not along the highway itself. You have to make a turn in a subdivision like street until you see this sign. Oh and I am telling you, you will be greeted by the most jolly kuya guard that we have ever met! They have the most genuine greetings and warm welcome
 Too bad I wasn't able to take a picture of the entire vicinity. But the place was really huge and spacious!
 Fountain in front of their lobby that will turn into a big torch at night! Such a sight to see!
 Welcome drinks and treats plus cold towels will be given as you arrived.
 You will be assisted by your very own Anya Lifestyle Assistant. Before you even arrived, they will be sending you an email to make your stay even more personalized. Such as Suite Scent that you want, Packing and Unpacking Services, Dining, Food Restrictions and so much more!
I suddenly remembered that there is one guest that commented on their page saying that she had a great stay but it's unfair that she didn't receive any of these surprises we experienced (You'll read it along). My comment about that? All you have to do is to ask. As for our part, I indicated that we will be celebrating my husbands birthday and a special surprise treats would be appreciated. And they even exceeded our expectations! All you have to do is to ask. They will gladly do it for you! :)
 You will be brought and assisted directly to your Villas.
 We stayed in their Junior Suite room decorated with their Happy Birthday Greetings with balloons!
The room is huge and smells great! It was scented with the choice that I made! (Lemongrass, Lime, Verbena and Cedar) Really relaxing!
Laurenne enjoyed her personal space where she can freely plays her kitchen set toys!
 Laurenne: "Mommy oh! Turtle with fwower! (flower) Good job anak! :)
 Welcome fruits and notes were also placed beside the table. I really do appreciate small details like these. It makes the stay more personalized and welcomed!
 Apart from the basic things provided, they also served a coffee press with their signature specialty coffee for free.
 I really adore their comfort room. It brings justice to the word "comfort" on that word. Too bad I wasn't able to take a wide shot of it. But let me put it to this, I told hubs that this is the peg I want when we had our own house already. :)
 Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Lotion was scented based on our preference!
 Apart from the Birthday greetings, they even prepared a bubble bath with a scented warm water with red rose petals
 But what stood among all? THIS! They even framed our family picture! Awwww.. And I just need to mention that they have the BEST welcome treat that we ever tried. Made up of thin chocolate cake as its base, creamy and rich chocolate mousse in the middle, covered with chocolate with cereal crisps on side and topped with chocolate and strawberries on top. It's really good! 
 See? How much she enjoyed? Haha! It's true that when you had a toddler with you and suddenly becomes quiet, then something suspicious is happening! I was fixing our things then the little one becomes quiet. Lo and behold, enjoying his Daddy's cake. Hahaha!
 Outside our room is our L Shaped veranda. Pretty spacious to have snacks, dine or even relax while enjoying the views!
 Laurenne currently enjoying!
 Moments like these! :)
 This one is one view away from our balcony. Every angle of this place is really picturesque!
 Adult, kids and everything in between will surely enjoy Anya!
 Anya's pool is something that they can also boast about. Since their pool is entirely heated, you can enjoy Tagaytay weather and not worrying to catch a cold right after. (Mommies can relate to this one!)
Life with a toddler! Haha
No worries for parents like us with toddlers and kids alike since Anya's pool is heated, they can enjoy the swimming pool all day long!

Breakfast At Anila Poolside

Anila Poolside is one of Anya's Restaurant that offers all day dining. I just realized this year that I am such a breakfast person. Especially with a perfect cup of coffee! I just can't help but give praises to Anya because everything was well thought of!
Anya serves few main dishes for breakfast but everything was delicious. But what stood them out from the rest?
THIS! You'll noticed that they put effort and presentation on their breakfast spreads!
From fruits..
Coldcuts, cheese, canapes..
Customized Your Egg Station..
Down to their drinks, everything was filling and delicious!

And guess what happened after breakfast? Don't worry we waited for a couple of minutes before enjoying the pool by ourselves ;)

With the great service, foods, and magnificent views that Anya has to offer, you can't blame me for raving about this place. You'll know what I'm talking about when you visit this place. It's perfect for families, friends, and most importantly for those of you who are planning to surprise a special someone! *they are good at this!*. Anya is a best place to unwind! It's so great that we visited again and celebrated Laurenne's 2nd Birthday here. (3 months after this visit). Will review about that separately.

How about you? Have you heard about this place already? :)

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