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by - December 09, 2018

It took sometime for me to decide if I should be adding this to my website, but then I realized that it's something I am passionate doing about. Being a Mom! And sooner or later, I can't wait for my daughter to read everything about this!
(Photo by: Pram and Cradle)

So to give a quick background, Aldrin and I decided that after being married, we will enjoy each other's company roughly about 2 years before having a baby. So when we got married last January 9, 2016, guess what, after 2 months we found out that I was pregnant! Imagine, from 2 years to 2 months! Haha!
(Oct 17, 2016 - A day before I gave birth)

My pregnancy was quite an easy ride for me. I didn't experienced morning sickness such as vomiting but feeling nauseous once in a while. Skittles would be my friend during that time! The greatest sacrificed that I did for pregnancy were two things. No Coffee and Limit (or totally avoid) sweets intake! Both were my favorites and I can't live without but I have to sacrificed it all for the benefit of my baby. That explains that I am way slimmer when I am pregnant! *wink*

It's real that once you were expecting, you will not think about the gender of your baby. What's important is for the baby to be healthy and normal. That's it! But God has been extra sweet to us that granted our tiny request to have a Baby Girl that we named Maria Tiffany Laurenne! :)

I gave birth last October 18, 2016. Ever since my first prenatal check up until the last, my baby girl was breached. Funny thing that Aldrin and I did everything found online to have the baby's position in normal--- like playing sound near my navel area, putting cold and hot compress, squatting and all other crazy stuff found online BUT it didn't worked. HAHA!

I even bought new long lasting lipstick so I can have great picture with my baby girl!

First three months were quite challenging to us first time parents. Not because Laurenne gave us a hard time but we were paranoid. Even our baby were asleep, Aldrin and I take turns watching over her. WATCHING OVER IF SHE IS STILL BREATHING. Hahaha! So yeah, the tip would be, if the baby is sleeping, then take that chance to recharge yourselves. (Taking note of the 3 hour feeding interval ofcourse). 

I also had Breastfeeding troubles during my first weeks since I am inverted. But through God's grace, I was able to succeed with our breastfeeding journey. Also donated my milk stash to the NICU babies. And YES, breastfeeding journey still continues! 

(Strike Anywhere! 2 years and counting!)

(Laurenne's First Birthday Party)

(Laurenne's Second Birthday)

Now that Laurenne is on her toddler years, I can't grasp how fast the transition will be! Laurenne is such a smart and talkative little girl. Only the ones at home knows about this since she is usually shy with other people around. She turns like a "Makahiya" plant because she tends to hide and hug her Mommy and Daddy whenever someone tries to initiate a conversation with her. But I know sooner or later she'll get through it.

Laurenne is such a Mommy's Girl! (So far) Maybe it's one of the perks of being a breastfeeding Mommy. It's the unexplainable connection between the two of us! Even if her Dadai is around, it will always be "Mommy" in her eyes! Aldrin knows about that. He already accepted that he's second place is Laurenne's eyes. ---Again,  so far!

BUT! There's an exception! Allow me to brag my daughter and I really meant it. Laurenne is such an intelligent baby. She will instantly be a Daddy's girl when we are inside malls. Whether it will be SM Malls, Robinsons, Ayala Malls, Megaworld (Eastwood) especially when she knows there is Kidzoona inside. She'll turn me down and instantly go to her Daddy saying "Daddy, Kidzoona please?" **Insert Puppy Eyes here!** She knows her Daddy can't say No to her. But after she get what she wants, wala na! Lakas maka user! Haha!

God has been really great that he blessed us with Laurenne! God's plan has been way better than our timeline. Even if I will turn back time, I wouldn't even change a single thing! It's amazingly beautiful how much you can love a person you didn't know you can give once you become a parent! 

First time writing about Mommy Life. Let me know your thoughts! :)

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