Kam's Roast at SM Mega Fashion Hall

by - December 05, 2018

When I was in Malaysia, my go to favorite meal would be the noodles with roasted duck. It roughly costs around 150 pesos with heaping amount of noodles and fatty roasted duck. That's what initially comes to my mind when I heard about Kam's Roast.
Kam's Roast is a Michelin Starred restaurant and well known for having affordable yet scrumptious food
You'll see roasted ducks, pigs and crispy pork on their display
The place was okay. But what I loved about them is their restroom!
Jelly Fish with Sesame Oil (180 pesos) - I'm such a sucker of jelly fish in Chinese Restaurants. This one was pretty straight forward (Jelly Fish + Sesame Oil) but delicious. Though I wished they put tad bit of chili to it.
Century Egg (180 pesos) - This one was also okay. But I find it odd that they just sliced it in half. hehe!
Roast Duck Noodle (350 pesos) - This was the one I always order in Malaysia. But it Malaysia, it was somewhat served with soy-sauce glazed. In KAM's it will be served with soup. You may opt to put it together or served it separately as I've ordered.
CHOOSE 2 (650 Pesos) - You can choose from their meats (Soy Chicken, Crispy Pork, BBQ Pork, Toro Char Sui). The Crispy Pork was indeed crispy! I was not sold at first when I saw it and thinking that it might be rubbery at some point. But no, it's really crispy! 

But among all dishes, I will give my vote to the Toro Char Sui. The perfectly sweetened pork with the rightful amount of fatty trimmings. It was so good that I felt so guilty after eating these! Haha!

Me and Dadai initially thought that we ordered few items. But we were quite surprised that we can't even consumed all of it. Kam's Roast definitely deserves that Michelin star rating! How about you? Have you tried Kam's Roast already? 

Let me know your thoughts!

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