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by - December 17, 2018

If ever you have a "Balik Bayan" friend, what exact restaurant you will bring them? Somewhere they can taste the great Filipino cuisines that they missed! I don't know about you but I don't have anything in my mind aside from Manam. :)

                                            (Photo from their Facebook Page)

I've been hearing great reviews with Manam. That's why when we celebrated my Birthday at Shangrila the Fort (Will post on a separate review) I told Dadai to have our Dinner there to celebrate.
                                              (Photo from their Facebook Page)

It was a walking distance from Shangrila the Fort, but we took the wrong direction that resulted us to arrived late. They already had their last call when we arrived. I was really sad since I am really looking forward trying out their dishes. But upon talking with the crew (My memory fails me if the name is Myra or Jen) and she told me that we can get inside and soon after, starts taking our orders. (The foods below were from two different visits)

What I loved about Manam is the different portion sizes that they offer. From Small, Medium, Large. Most restaurants only offers Small and Large. But at Manam, you can order as many as you want for you to try without having left overs (or take outs).
 Tinapa Rice (Small - 95 pesos) - Tinapa flakes, salted egg, and green onions on their steaming hot rice
 Garlic Rice (Small - 65 pesos) - Because who can resists classic garlic rice to be paired with Filipino favorites right?
 Ensaladang Namnam  (Small - 125 pesos) - Mangoes, pomelo, onion, nuts, with their bagoong tossed all together on a dish. The mango were too sour for my liking but it complemented well with their Bagoong.
 Ensaladang Pako (Small - 95 pesos) - I liked this better than the first one. The freshness of the pako salad will crave you for more!
 Crunchy Salt and Pepper Squid Rings (Small - 160 pesos) - Coated squid rings fried until golden brown. Topped with some salt, pepper and chili flakes. Perfect pica pica!
House Crispy Sisig (Small - 140 pesos) - I loved how they generously put ingredients even on their small size portions! Don't wonder why they were awarded as top 1 sisig in the Metro ;)
 Baby Squid in Olive Oil and Garlic (Small - 160 pesos) - IT IS A MUST! In fact, it's my favorite dish in Manam. I am devouring now as of the writing how great is this dish! The smokey flavor on this dish stood this out from the other restaurants! Me and Dadai completely wiped this plate of
 Overload Garlic Bangus Belly (Small - 175 pesos) - This one was okay too! But I wished they put more garlic on this one to make it more ----errr Garlicky? :)
 Inihaw na Baboy with Aligue (Small - 255 pesos) - Grilled pork with crab fat underneath. What I loved about this dish is that the aligue they used was not salty and cloying. But better slow down eating this! :)
 Sinigang na Beef Short Rib & Watermelon (Small - 245 pesos) - I believed apart from the sisig that made them famous, their Sinigang with Watermelon made them even more popular! Weird as it may seemed but it's delicious! The subtle sweetness of the watermelon blended well with the traditional sinigang flavor, together with the fatty flavor from the short rib! It's a winner!
 Ube + Sago (110 pesos) and Mango + Pomelo + Sago (125 pesos) - Both of these were good! But I'll be giving my vote to the Ube + Sago. It's a drink and dessert in one! But if you prefer something refreshing, then go for the later one. 
And sweetest gesture of them all? They even gave us a complimentary Ice Cream when they found out I'm celebrating my birthday! Thank you Manam BGC branch! :)

So yeah, this place is something I won't get tired of! Have you been to Manam? What's your favorite?
See their facebook page here for details. 

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