CKitchenry at Rockwell The Grove

by - December 27, 2018

I am a follower of Bettina Carlos for quite sometime now. Ever since I started taking her famous Nutella Rocks from the Milking Bombs especially when I am just starting my breastfeeding journey. The duo of Bettina Carlos and her bubbly daughter Gummy is such a breath of a fresh air. Each posts I am seeing online were full of good vibes. That's why when I heard that she had a new baby C'Kitchenry, I know I should't miss visiting the place especially it's just along the way going to office.

CKitchenry is located at Rockwell the Grove in Pasig. It's (almost) across on Tiendesitas
The place was small but spacious. Intended for take outs but they graciously accept if you want them to cook the food pouches for you.
I even told hubs that it's a place that you should visit whenever you are feeling down and wanted to have me time. They play Christian Songs inside while you are enjoying their dishes.
Freshly baked breads were available daily
The place is quite instagrammable too!
Ready made cakes, breads, and spreads were available as well
We actually hoarded all of the Buchi Breads on the stall but it was immediately replenished with fresh batches
Another good thing about this place? They serve FREE coffee!
The fridge has their Heat2Eat UlamBilis frozen food pouch selections. This is perfect for the busy bees out there that doesn't have the luxury of time cooking their meals at home yet prefers to enjoy home cooked meals rather than the fast foods.
Simple instructions to follow is also posted
Really went here for the Buchi (30 pc / 175 6s) breads since I've been hearing lots of great reviews with it. Each serving of their bread has biblical verses with it. How lovely!
Everyone's right. It can be the CKitchenry's pride to boast about. It's perfect with or without spread. Heated, Toasted or eat on its own.
The description I can really give is --- Buchi! Yes, the well known Buchi that we all loved from the Chinese Restaurants! But without the oily feeling to it. The chewiness and the sesame seeds plus the flaky texture outside is really something worth of stopping by.
Also ordered two kinds of Pie (Mushroom Purse Pie / Chicken Ala King). And we also noticed that they didn't skimp on fillings!
Though I initially expected that the food pouches they offer were big. It's actually quite small but Aldrin and I were able to enjoy and share their Malungkasuy Pesto (160 pesos + Fresh Pasta 80 pesos) . I am very particular when it comes to pesto and I know that this one was really home made and not store bought pesto.
Also bought the ParmaYema Cake (120 per slice) and All Mine Chocolate cake. Hubs said that their Yema cake is better than the ones we known in the market. This one is perfectly sweet and fluffy.
As for the All Mine Chocolate cake (160 per slice), this is surely for chocolate lovers out there. The cake were dense with salted caramel in between. But what I loved about this is the melted chocolate ganache. It tasted like melted Cadbury chocolate.
Freshly baked Buchi bread!

CKitchenry Menu

Have you heard this place already? Share me your thoughts! :)

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