by - November 30, 2018

Who would have thought? After 2 years, now I'm back again online! Though I am quite active on Instagram and facebook page (See here), but not really on 'blogosphere' where I actually started. I really can't sleep and wandered off my thoughts and I realized that this is one of the things I wanted to do. 

Laurenne's First Birthday Party (Photo By: Pram and Cradle)

Laurenne's Second Birthday Party (Photo By: Pram and Cradle)

So just a quick wrap up. What happened on that 2 years of absence? Well, from the previous posts, I got married to "boyfie" now I called "Dadai". I am now already in the Philippines since I got home sicked when I was working in Malaysia. HAHA! We were blessed with our wonderful daughter named Maria Tiffany Laurenne. But we usually calls her Laurenne. 
During our Post Nup Pictorial (Photo By: Chestknots Studio)

From the tandem set up I had with Aldrin, now we have Laurenne is completely different. What we usually considers now if the place would be kid friendly! Funny that whenever I read my reviews way back, I kinda giggled inside and realized I quite matured a lot. Probably because I am on Mommy phase already (that explains the new minimalist dynamic blog layout) I have gazillion photos of restaurants and resorts to share with you guys! And expect a Welcome Back Giveaway from me! Even though I am not writing online, it's still within "ME" taking pictures because I know, sooner or later I will be back. But yeah, kinda rusty. :)

And guess what? tetadventurer.blogspot.com is now tetadventurer.com!

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