Must Visit Coffee Place: Coffee Project!

by - August 08, 2016

There's gazillions of back logs that I should share with you, but I realized that this place is something I should prioritize. Not only because of the raves but it's really something worth a visit.
Coffee Project is the newest coffee hub in the Metro that offers a shabby garden set up for its patrons.
 Located at Will tower in E Rodriguez Quezon City, it's very visible to everyone who likes to visit.
 As soon as you enter the place, you will feel the whimsical ambiance of their garden set up cafe.
 The hanging floral lights are surely an eye candy to everyone!
Different memorabilias awaits for you inside the store.
 The counter was filled with different pasties and sandwiches. I was also surprised to see that they also serves pasta dishes and all day breakfast.
 Coffee Project is perfect for those who are looking for a quiet time while enjoying a good cup of coffee paired up with a pastry. The place is huge and homey.
 Not only for a "me time" but it's also a perfect spot to hang out with your friends because the place is equipped with a good wifi connection.
 The second floor of the place is equally pretty. Loaded with floral decorations and rustic set up.
 For bigger groups, you may opt to stay upstairs where they have huge place to accommodate bigger number of crowds.
 Isn't it lovely? :)
 Every corner of the place is instagram worthy. Including their rest rooms!
 Moving on with our orders, since we are having a Anniversary Dinner that day, we settled for the following:
 Ice Mud (185 pesos) - I ordered this one since I'm not allowed to drink too much coffee. Underneath is crushed cookie, filled with coffee-milk based drink. It was okay for me but it was a bit bland for my liking. (or maybe I'm just a sweet tooth :P) I appreciate that each serving of the drink comes with a free cookie too!
 Sea Caramel Frappe (175 pesos) - This is Aldrin's order and as usual, it's better than my drink. (So we exchanged. haha!) This is something I would go back again for! I'm quite hesitant when I saw this on the menu for I was thinking that it will be overly sweet. But to my surprised, their version blended really well. It's quite addicting that I wanted to order another one! :O
 Vanilla Con Leche (120 pesos) - I didn't bother to ask for their best seller on their cake, instead we choose this cake because it's too pretty to eat! A bit wrong move though. I actually expected a soft custard on a layer of cheesecake, but I find the cake too dense for my preference. But Aldrin really enjoyed this one, especially the candied nuts on the side. So if you are like Aldrin that loves those kinds of cake, then it's a must order for you then!
Our stay here made our Anniversary day worth while. Good food, nice place, especially the ambiance will surely be the reasons why we want to visit this place again. :)

For more details, you may visit their page here

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