Anniversary Dinner at CYMA Greek Taverna!

by - August 03, 2016

 After our quick snack at Coffee Project, we headed straight to CYMA to have dinner. It was actually a hard decision before us to find a place to celebrate. It's not the usual gateway/escapades adventure Anniversary celebration compared before (See Travel Tab). 
Since I am not allowed to travel to far places, our only option is to dine somewhere to celebrate our day our togetherness. Naks! Originally, I wanted to dine at Isabelo Gardens operated by Rustic Mornings by Isabello. Because of its romantic and secluded area.
The only difference is that it only accepts prior reservation and they have special and separate menu exclusively offered at Isabelo Gardens. Aldrin and I already have the dishes on our minds before calling for our reservation only to found out that they already stopped the operations of Isabelo Gardens.
Okay change of plan, the only thing that I have on my mind to make our anniversary romantic is Vieux Chalet. Ranked as one of the best restaurants in the Philippines. Near to our place since it's just in Antipolo, overlooking, and really romantic place! Now that we have our desired dishes and ready to make our reservation, I was informed that they don't operate on Wednesday and Thursdays (our anniversary). BAAAAAM! Now what?
Weighing pros and cons, we decided to have our celebration in a simple way at CYMA Greek Taverna. It's very risky for us. Since we haven't tried Greek foods yet. I just read really good reviews of the place and Aldrin and I agreed to try something for a change!
 Apologies if I don't have the complete menu of CYMA, but they have wide array of choices from appetizer, down to dessert!
 I was not a fan of salad with vinaigrette dressing until I tried this one. I got curious since almost every review that I've read regarding this place, they are suggesting that it's a must to order a Roka Salata (360 pesos). And they are right! It's worth the order. The serving size is good for 3-4 pax, but we managed to consumed it all (especially me) because the vinaigrette that they used was just sweet and mildy sour. The lettuce was perfectly crisp together with sun dried tomatoes served with Parmesan Shavings. But Aldrin loved it even more with the generous amount of candied walnuts on the salad. Really addicting!
 Our order was served with some pita bread but I wasn't able to enjoy it that much because we were too focused on the salad that time. Hehe!
 Aldrin is such a rice person so it's a must to have rice on our meal. The choice of rice that I can only remember from their menu is this Spanakorizo (180 pesos). It's a greek spinach rice served with tomatoes, onions and dill. It's basically a sticky rice that reminded me of Chinese Rice "matchang". Taste wise, it was okay for both of us. Nothing really special.
 The carnivores in us decided to order their meal platter --Kreatika Meat Platter good for two (1,500 pesos). It consists of 4 Keftedes (meatballs), 1 piece of Pork Chop, 2 Beef Kalamaki Sticks, and 2 Lamb shoulders. Aldrin and I find this deal so sulit! We wanted to add boiled prawns with caper butter sauce (add 250 pesos), but the server said "Maam, madami na po yang order nyo, sure po kayo?" HAHAH! So we decided not to add the prawns anymore.
 The Lamb Shoulder was spot on. Seasoned with salt, pepper and some spices, this dish alone is truly satisfying. The lamb was soft and tender, with some fatty trimmings on the side won't hurt that much. *wink*
 The Pork Chop was also good. It's soft and flavorful that is pretty much can adaptable to Filipino taste buds.
 The Meat balls on the other hand were our least favorite that night. The meatball was sweet. We are expecting it to be on savory side.
However, the Beef Kalamaki sticks were surely the highlight of our dinner. Melts in your mouth skewers with touch of greek spices, make us want to have another trip on this place for this dish alone!

Overall, we had a great experience on trying out different cuisine that is completely unfamiliar to us. It makes us want to try and explore different food choices from other continents any time soon. What can you recommend foodie friends? :)

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