Suppliers Review: Vatel Manila (ETC Handmade Goodness)

by - March 08, 2016

Choosing Vatel Manila (ETC Handmade Goodness) as my wedding bouquet is totally worth it. I received messages on facebook saying that it's totally cool! hehe! Even their rate is more competitive than other bridal bouquet's price, 
I made no regrets at all!
I specifically requested for lace, felt and brooch. Isn't lovely? When it was handed over by my coordinator, 
I am in all smiles. It's just the perfect bouquet for our dainty wedding! Really cute! 
What's so good having a Non Floral bouquet? Unique, One of a Kind and you can totally keep it! 
Let the pictures below explain you why. 
On Wedding Gown..
Groom's Boutonniere 
Thank you so much Vatel Manila [ETC Handmade Goodness) for being part of our special day! :)

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