Suppliers Review: Starbucks Philippines

by - March 03, 2016

Ever since then, we are definite that we will be getting Starbucks as our coffee booth supplier. Because why not? Hehe! Aldrin and I are such a coffee maniacs and probably that is one of the reason why. 
But let me share you this love and hate review that I had with Starbucks. Roughly a year before our wedding February 2015, we inquired at Starbucks SM Marikina (since it's the nearest on our venue which is Glass Garden) we are on our way on booking them, but sadly they told us that it's too early for them to cater our reservation and we should come back around October.
c/o Ronie Sabarre 
With that being said, Aldrin came back on October (3 months before the wedding), with all the plans and expenses plotted out, Since I am currently in Malaysia, Aldrin visited and to his surprised they said that they are afraid they can't honor our request anymore. WHAAAAAT?
Their reason is because our wedding date is the time that they are finishing the Christmas drinks promotion and they can't accept coffee booth reservation anymore. Aldrin was so pissed out and informed me the news. Now the bridezilla in me is coming out!
So I emailed Starbucks Philippines with the situation and complain. I just really don't get it. We informed them 1 year in advance regarding our wedding and they told us to come back. Now that we are coming back, they are giving me that reason? No, I won't accept it. 
With no any reply from Starbucks, someone contacted Aldrin and told them that they will accept our reservation for the coffee booth on our wedding. Finally! From then on, everything went on smoothly. We also received 100 stars credit on our Starbucks card because of booking them as our supplier.  
c/o Mae Ann
After our post nup and entering the venue secretly, we noticed a long queue and we found out that it's the Starbucks booth that's gaining a popularity during the wedding.  Seeing our guest so happy with the Starbucks on our wedding is priceless. 
c/o Pol Bristain
Heck No, they are not first timers. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. But then again, it's a rare thing seeing Starbucks booth on a wedding right? I believed it's pretty cool! :)
c/o Christian Lim
c/o Lexter Evora
c/o Pol Bristain
c/o Mae Ann Lim
c/o Khai Martinez
 c/o Vicson Lim
c/o Mae Ann Lim
What we did is we distributed stubs (c/o coordinators) and present it to the booth then claim their desired drinks to be organized. For those who are planning on getting them, go to the nearest Stabucks near you (near the events place), You will be given a form wherein you will indicate the package that you are having (size, flavor of the frappe/espresso or add ons if any).
Starbucks crew were very much accommodating and prompt with the guests needs. They even approached and congratulate us before they leave the place.Thank you Starbucks Philippines for being part of our special day! :)

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