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by - March 09, 2016

Prior to my previous post regarding the wedding host hunting. (See full post here
The chosen one is........
Martin de Vera "Moxx the Host"
 So who is Moxx anyways? He is part of Black Tie Entertainment and I found him through w@wies suggestion. Just like what I've said before, I was initially intrigued when I read that he is JC de Vera's brother. HAHAHAH! *showbiz!*. I checked his videos online and without a doubt, he is the perfect host for us.
He is a brother, son, husband..
 He is a father..
He is an actor.. 
He is a host..
And he's also a Martial Arts fighter! Oh, did I mentioned that he is also a Radio Jock, Voice Talent, 
Event Consultant and so much more. I don't even know what he can't do at all!
We personally met Moxx together with our coordinator Joed just a couple of days before the wedding. Believe it or not, it seems that we have known him for so long! No tense or even awkwardness we felt during that first meeting. Everything went so smoothly. Mind you, Aldrin is not the type that can easily get comfortable with a person. In other words "Mahirap kuhanin ang loob". But by simply observing Aldrin, I noticed how effortlessly they jived together (as well with our coordinator). Aldrin even said after the meet up that he's confident that the reception will surely be a hit one! Moxx has lots of fresh and new ideas. Here's a little secret, Did you know that his rate is surprisingly affordable? I'm even wondering myself given that great skill sets!
I have told before that we don't want a lady host and that's for sure. Lady host usually has the "matinis" voice when it comes to hosting especially with games, that's why we opted for a male one. Moxx has a great stage presence and will capture your guests attention. 
His charm and his good looks surely one of his assets that's why he can divert all attention to him as a host. My friends and even relatives were gushing over his good looks. Hahahaha! He's not trying hard and very eloquent with right modulated voice. He can also adjust depending on the type of your crowd. If you are more on classy, fun, yet natural way of hosting, THIS IS THE SIGN YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, BOOK HIM!
Choosing wedding host is such a crucial thing because he/she will be the one that will control the entire mood, program, and enjoyment of your guests. But having Moxx as our Wedding Hosts completely exceeded our expectations. We were even asked by others if we are long time friends with Moxx. No we are not. Everything was just natural and seems that we knew each other for such a long time. We are bragging him because he's worth to brag. ;)
Despite of this picture that Aldrin and I were totally wasted--yet still on cloud 9, (hahaha!) I would like to thank Moxx for being part of this special event in our lives. No one can do it perfectly like you do Moxx! For those of you who are looking for an event host or soon to wed couples out there, We will be your living testimony to tell you how great he is! Too bad I don't have his video during that night (will try to check with others). Given a chance to do this again, No Doubt...we'll still surely get him! :)

To know more about him. Visit his facebook here and website here.

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